Chris-Pin Martin

Chrispin Martin (19 November 1893 - 27 June 1953) was a Mexican-American actor. Born Ysabel Ponciana Chris-Pin Martin Paiz in Tucson, Arizona, and he was also credited in his films by many other names, such as Chris-Pin Martin, Chris King Martin, Chris Martin, Cris-Pin Martin and Ethier Crispin Martini. ... more on Wikipedia

Chris-Pin Martin Filmography

tv movie 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years as Actor 'The Ox-Bow Incident'
movie 1953 Mesa of Lost Women as Pepe
movie 1953 San Antone as Ramon, Vaquero
movie 1953 Screen Snapshots: Out West in Hollywood as Himself
movie 1952 Ride the Man Down as Chris
movie 1951 A Millionaire for Christy as Manolo, Fat Mexican
movie 1951 The Lady from Texas as José
movie 1950 Borderline as Pepi--Hotel Clerk
movie 1950 The Arizona Cowboy as Café Owner Pedro
movie 1949 Rimfire as Chico
movie 1949 The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend as Joe
movie 1948 Belle Starr's Daughter as Spanish George
movie 1948 Blood on the Moon as Commisary Bartender
movie 1948 Mexican Hayride as Mariachi Leader
movie 1948 Old Los Angeles as Waiter
movie 1948 The Return of Wildfire as Pancho
movie 1947 Captain from Castile as Sancho Lopez
movie 1947 King of the Bandits as Pancho
movie 1947 Pirates of Monterey as Caretta Man
movie 1947 Robin Hood of Monterey as Pancho
movie 1947 The Beginning or the End as Mexican Man
movie 1947 The Fugitive as An Organ-Grinder
movie 1947 The Lone Wolf in Mexico as Cab Driver
movie 1947 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as Waiter
movie 1946 Gallant Journey as Pedro Lopez
movie 1946 Holiday in Mexico
movie 1946 Perilous Holiday as Servant
movie 1946 Suspense as Mexican Waiter
movie 1945 Along Came Jones as Store Proprietor
movie 1945 San Antonio as Hymie Rosas
movie 1944 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves as Fat Thief
movie 1944 Gun to Gun as Juan
movie 1944 Tampico as Waiter at Wedding Party
movie 1944 The Sultan's Daughter as Merchant
movie 1943 The Ox-Bow Incident as Poncho
movie 1942 American Empire as Augustin- Beauchard Henchman
movie 1942 Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die as Chris
movie 1942 Undercover Man as Miguel
movie 1941 Ride on Vaquero as Gordito
movie 1941 Romance of the Rio Grande as Gordito
movie 1941 The Bad Man as Pedro
movie 1941 Week-End in Havana as Wagon driver
movie 1940 Charlie Chan in Panama as Sergeant Montero
movie 1940 Charter Pilot as Captain of Police
movie 1940 Down Argentine Way as Esteban
movie 1940 Lucky Cisco Kid as Gordito
movie 1940 The Gay Caballero as Gordito
movie 1940 The Mark of Zorro as Turnkey
movie 1940 Viva Cisco Kid as Gordito
movie 1939 Code of the Secret Service as Mexican Pottery Proprietor
movie 1939 Espionage Agent as Tunisian Guard
movie 1939 Frontier Marshal as Pete
movie 1939 Frontier Pony Express as Deer Lodge Station Agent
movie 1939 Man of Conquest as Massacre Survivor
movie 1939 Return of the Cisco Kid as Gordito
movie 1939 Rio as Roberto's Ranch Foreman
movie 1939 Rough Riders' Round-up as Ramon
movie 1939 Stagecoach as Chris
movie 1939 The Cisco Kid and the Lady as Gordito
movie 1939 The Fighting Gringo as Felipe
movie 1939 The Girl and the Gambler as Pasqual
movie 1939 The Llano Kid as Sixto
movie 1938 Billy the Kid Returns as Desk Clerk
movie 1938 Blockade as Cantina Patron
movie 1938 Born to Be Wild as Garcia
movie 1938 Flirting with Fate as Solado
movie 1938 Four Men and a Prayer as Sergeant in Marlanda
movie 1938 I'm from the City as Mexican Ranch Hand
movie 1938 The Renegade Ranger as Felipe
movie 1938 The Texans as Juan Rodriguez
movie 1938 Too Hot to Handle as Pedro
movie 1938 Tropic Holiday as Pancho
movie 1937 A Star Is Born as José Rodriguez
movie 1937 Boots and Saddles as Juan
movie 1937 Swing High, Swing Low as Sleepy Servant
movie 1937 The Hurricane as Sailor
movie 1937 Under Strange Flags as Lopez
movie 1937 Wallaby Jim of the Islands as Mike
movie 1937 When You're in Love as Servant
movie 1937 Zorro Rides Again as Pedro - Wagon Driver [Ch. 1]
movie 1936 A Tenderfoot Goes West as Pedro
movie 1936 The Bold Caballero as Hangman
movie 1936 The Border Patrolman as Mexican Giving Directions
movie 1936 The Gay Desperado as Pancho
movie 1935 Bordertown as José
movie 1935 Captain Blood as Sentry
movie 1935 Coronado as Mexican
movie 1935 Escape from Devil's Island as Goat Herder
movie 1935 Hi, Gaucho! as Marco
movie 1935 In Caliente as Mariachi
movie 1935 Okay, José as Lookout Guard
movie 1935 Red Salute as Men's Room Attendant
movie 1935 The Cactus Kid as Gambler
movie 1935 Under the Pampas Moon as Pietro
movie 1934 Chained as Peón
movie 1934 Four Frightened People as Native boatman
movie 1934 Grand Canary as Henchman
movie 1934 Heat Lightning as Mexican Husband with Family
movie 1934 La Cucaracha as Chiquita's Fan in Cafe
movie 1934 Lazy River as Raoul
movie 1934 Marie Galante as Furniture Dealer
movie 1934 Rawhide Mail as Pedro Esteban
movie 1934 The Marines Are Coming as Carlos, Aide to the Torch
movie 1934 Viva Villa! as Peón
movie 1933 Central Airport as Havana Air Port worker
movie 1933 Flaming Gold as Chris - Oil Well Foreman
movie 1933 I Loved You Wednesday as Chris, Waiter
movie 1933 The California Trail as Pancho
movie 1933 The Last Trail as Mexican Officer
movie 1933 The Man from Monterey as Manuel
movie 1932 Destry Rides Again as Lopez
movie 1932 Girl Crazy as Pete
movie 1932 Girl of the Rio
movie 1932 Outlaw Justice as El Diablo
movie 1932 South of Santa Fe as Pedro
movie 1932 The Broken Wing as Mexican Husband
movie 1932 The Mask of Fu Manchu as Potentate
movie 1932 The Painted Woman as Francois Marquette aka Frenchy
movie 1932 The Stoker as Chief of Police
movie 1932 Winner Take All as Pice's Manager in Tijuana
movie 1931 Lasca of the Rio Grande
movie 1931 Nuit d'Espagne
movie 1931 Safe in Hell as Jury Member
movie 1931 Strangers May Kiss as Mexican
movie 1931 The Cisco Kid as Gordito
movie 1931 The Squaw Man as Spanish Pete - Hawkins' Henchman
movie 1931 Transgression as Eduardo, the Mail Carrier
movie 1930 Billy the Kid as Santiago
movie 1930 The Big House as Inmate
movie 1930 The Fighting Legion as Henchman
movie 1930 The Lash as Caballero
movie 1930 Under a Texas Moon as Pancho
movie 1930 Wings of Adventure as Lopez
movie 1929 Condemned as Monkey Seller
movie 1929 The Rescue as Tenga
movie 1929 Where East Is East as Native Hunter
movie 1928 Across to Singapore as Sailor from the Santa Rosa
movie 1927 The Gaucho as Undetermined Role
movie 1927 The Night of Love as Gypsy
movie 1925 Border Vengeance as Bartender
movie 1925 Cactus Trails as Bartender
movie 1925 Lord Jim as One of Brown's Crewmen
movie 1925 The Gold Rush as Man in Dance Hall

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