Chris Cashman

Chris Cashman Filmography

movie 2011 Strange Rooms as Frazzled Man
movie 2011 Last Job of the Out of Controls
movie 2011 Revelations
movie 2011 The Victorville Massacre
movie 2010 Goofyfoot
movie 2008 The Onion Movie as UPS Delivery Man
movie 2007 Carts
movie 2007 The Solicitor
movie 2006 1 Phone, 2 Phone, 3 Phone, 4 as Pajama Man
movie 2006 Leaving L.A. as Mark
tv movie 2006 Sixty Minute Man
movie 2006 Stranger Than Fiction
movie 2005 Ugly on the Inside as Cowboy
movie 2005 Kicking & Screaming
movie 2005 The Kid & I
movie 2005 The Moguls
movie 2005 Yours, Mine and Ours
movie 2004 The Solo's
movie 2004 Criminal
movie 2004 Sleepover
movie 2004 Starsky & Hutch
movie 2003 Intergalactic Idol
movie Father Eddie
movie Linda Jones

Chris Cashman on Youtube

After 2 seasons of hosting 1vs100 on XBOX LIVE...Chris Cashman discovers some tragic news.

Father Son duo, Pat and Chris Cashman hang out with Nancy Guppy in the Art Zone studio for a talk about, whatever it is they want to talk about! Uncut interv...

Pat & Chris Cashman, the stars of King 5's hit sketch comedy series, The 206, joined D-Money after having invited him to the latest screening of the show in ... Click this to watch Inside Gaming: 12/16/09 (Halo Reach, Bioshock 2, Borderlands DLC, IGAs)! Inside Gaming: ...