Chris Haywood

Chris Haywood (born 24 July 1948) is an English-born, Australian-based film and televisionactor/producer. ... more on Wikipedia

Chris Haywood Filmography

tv movie 2012 Dangerous Remedy as Sir Arthur Rylah
movie 2012 The Interviewer as Paul Dexter
movie 2011 Busong as Landowner
movie 2011 Savages Crossing as Chris
movie 2011 Sleeping Beauty as Man 2
movie 2011 Swerve as Armstrong
movie 2010 Beneath Hill 60 as Colonel Wilson Rutledge
tv movie 2010 The Extraordinary Tale of William Buckley as John Morgan
movie 2009 Correspondence as Quentin Samuels
tv movie 2009 False Witness as Browning
movie 2009 The Boys Are Back as Tom
movie 2008 8 as Lunch Guest
movie 2008 A Pretty Penny as Jack
movie 2008 Doing Dungog as Himself
movie 2008 Salvation as Architect
movie 2008 The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce as Robert Knopwood
movie 2008 The View from Greenhaven as Dashiell
movie 2008 The Weight of Sunken Treasure as Michael Dooley - Old
movie 2008 You Better Watch Out as Santa
tv movie 2007 Lockout as Himself - Presenter
movie 2007 Swing
video movie 2007 The Demons Within: The Making of Emerald City as Himself
movie 2007 The Fibros and the Silvertails as Sports Commentator
movie 2006 Hotel Vladivostok as Man
movie 2006 Jindabyne as Gregory
movie 2006 Solo as Arkan
movie 2006 The Water Diary as Lunch Guest
movie 2006 Vend as Mechanic 1
movie 2005 Adrift as Albert
video movie 2005 Jaws on Trotters: The Making of 'Razorback' as Himself
movie 2005 Jewboy as Sam
tv movie 2004 'Salem's Lot
tv movie 2004 BlackJack: Sweet Science as Wayne Tippet
movie 2004 Human Touch as Edward
video movie 2004 On the Bench with the Great MacArthy
movie 2004 The Widower as Neville
video movie 2004 The Z-Men Debriefed: The Making of Attack Force Z as Himself
tv movie 2004 Through My Eyes as Des Sturgess Q.C.
movie 2003 Lennie Cahill Shoots Through as Twink
movie 2003 Paradise Found as Charles Arnaud
movie 2003 Subterano as Cleary
movie 2002 Black and White as Det-Sgt Karskens
movie 2002 Stuffed Bunny as Marcus' Father
movie 2002 The Nugget as Doug
tv movie 2001 My Husband My Killer as George Cannellis
movie 2001 One Night the Moon as Sergeant
tv movie 2001 The Day of the Roses as Informer
movie 2001 The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky as Oscar
movie 2000 Innocence as Minister
movie 2000 Muggers as George Roy Rogers
movie 2000 The Monkey's Mask as Dad Fitzpatrick
movie 1999 Change of Heart as Harry
movie 1999 Molokai: The Story of Father Damien as Clayton Strawn
movie 1997 Blackrock as Det. Sgt. Wilansky
tv movie 1997 Fable as Flagg
movie 1997 Kiss or Kill as Detective Hummer
tv movie 1997 One Way Ticket as Bertie
movie 1997 Oscar and Lucinda as Mr. Judd
tv series 1997 Frontier as Ward Stephen
movie 1996 Cabbie of the Year
movie 1996 Lust and Revenge as George Oliphant
movie 1996 Shine as Sam
tv series 1996 Pacific Drive as Bill Garland
tv series 1996 Sun on the Stubble as Train Driver
tv movie 1995 Singapore Sling: Old Flames as Sonny
movie 1994 Bernie's Magic Moment as Bernie
movie 1994 Exile as Village Priest
movie 1994 Muriel's Wedding as Ken Blundell
tv movie 1993 The Feds: Betrayal as Daniel 'Mac' McIntyre
movie 1993 Touch Me as Claude
movie 1992 Alex as Mr. Jack
tv movie 1992 The Last Man Hanged as The Sheriff
movie 1992 The Nun and the Bandit as Michael Stanley
movie 1991 A Woman's Tale as Jonathan
movie 1991 Sweet Talker as Gerald Bostock
movie 1991 The Media Project as Himself
movie 1990 Aya as Mac
movie 1990 Call Me Mr. Brown as Peter Macari
movie 1990 Golden Braid as Bernard
video movie 1990 INXS: Greatest Video Hits as Wattie Doig [video 'All The Voices']
movie 1990 Plead Guilty, Get a Bond
movie 1990 Quigley Down Under as Major Ashley-Pitt
movie 1989 Island as Janis
movie 1988 A Day and a Half
movie 1988 Emerald City as Mike McCord
movie 1988 Manifesto as Wango
movie 1988 The First Kangaroos as James Giltinan
movie 1988 The Navigator: A Mediaeval Odyssey as Arno
movie 1988 Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train as Stationmaster
tv movie 1987 Don Quixote of La Mancha
movie 1987 The Bit Part as Michael Thornton
movie 1987 The Tale of Ruby Rose as Henry Rose
movie 1986 Dogs in Space as Chainsaw man
movie 1986 Double Sculls as Paul Weber
tv movie 1986 King Solomon's Mines
movie 1986 Malcolm as Willy
tv series 1986 Cyclone Tracy as Steve
movie 1985 A Street to Die as Col Turner
movie 1985 Burke & Wills as Tom McDonagh
movie 1985 The Coca-Cola Kid as Kim
movie 1985 Wills & Burke as Constable
movie 1984 Razorback as Benny Baker
movie 1984 Strikebound as Wattie Doig
tv movie 1984 The Great Gold Swindle as Peter Duvnjak
tv series 1984 Waterfront as Ernie
movie 1983 Man of Flowers as David
movie 1983 The Return of Captain Invincible as Maitre D'
movie 1982 Attack Force Z as Able Seaman A.D. 'Sparrer' Bird
movie 1982 Freedom as Phil
movie 1982 Heatwave as Peter Houseman
movie 1982 Lonely Hearts as Detective
movie 1982 Running on Empty as Photographer
movie 1982 The Clinic as Dr. Eric Linden
movie 1982 The Man from Snowy River as Curly
movie 1982 With Prejudice as Rogerson
movie 1981 ...Maybe This Time as The Salesman
tv movie 1981 No Going Back
movie 1981 Wrong Side of the Road as Country policeman
tv series 1981 Women of the Sun as Alf
movie 1980 'Breaker' Morant as Cpl. Sharp
movie 1980 Dead Man's Float as Thug
tv movie 1980 The 22nd Annual TV Week Logie Awards as Himself
tv series 1980 The Timeless Land as Johnny
movie 1979 Kostas as Martin
tv series 1979 Jokes as Various Characters
tv movie 1978 A Good Thing Going as Terry
movie 1978 In Search of Anna as Jerry
movie 1978 Newsfront as Chris Hewitt
movie 1977 Out of It as Warren
movie 1976 Deathcheaters as Butcher
tv movie 1976 The 18th Annual TV Week Logie Awards as Himself
movie 1976 The Trespassers as Sandy
tv series 1976 The Sullivans
tv movie 1975 Ivanhoe
movie 1975 The Great MacArthy as Warburton
movie 1975 The Removalists as Rob, The Removalist
tv movie 1974 Essington as Squires
movie 1974 The Cars That Ate Paris as Darryl
movie Wedding of the Year as Bede

Chris Haywood on Youtube

Bill Hunter and Chris Haywood discuss loyalty in post-WWII Australia. From the film Newsfront (dir: Phillip Noyce, 1978)

Quigley Down Under Trailer - Directed by Simon Wincer and starring Tom Selleck, Alan Rickman, Chris Haywood, Ron Haddrick, Tony Bonner. American Matt ...

Quigley Down Under Trailer - Directed by Simon Wincer and starring Tom Selleck, Alan Rickman, Chris Haywood, Ron Haddrick, Tony Bonner. American Matt ...

Chris Haywood - When I Grow Up.