Chris J. Knight

Chris J. Knight Filmography

movie 2014 Land of Leopold as Sleeping orderly
movie 2014 Soledad as ICE Officer 2
movie 2014 The Devil Arrived
movie 2013 Baby and the Big Tent as Circus Clown
movie 2013 Black Metal as Police Captain
movie 2013 M Is for Manhood as Creepy doctor
movie 2013 Parkland as Texas Ranger
movie 2013 Pit Stop as Restaruant patron
movie 2013 The Bounceback as Man on the escalator
movie 2013 Zero Charisma as Game store customer
movie 2013 Cooking with Damen Lawler
movie 2013 How to Make Meat Loaf
movie 2013 Southern Banana Pudding
movie 2013 Red on Yella, Kill a Fella
movie 2012 A Simple Job as Bik
movie 2012 Goliad Uprising as Mr. Phipps
movie 2012 Out of the Darkness as Mini Van Driver
movie 2012 Squatch! Curse of the Tree Guardian as Squatch
movie 2012 The Teleported Man as Additional Talent
movie 2011 Hollow Oaks as News reporter
movie 2007 Elvis and Anabelle as Photographer
movie Monster Tails as Christian

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Breaking up is hard to do. Desperate and lonely, Stan (Michael Stahl-David) learns that his ex, Cathy (Ashley Bell), will be in Austin for the weekend and ho...