Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson Filmography

tv series 2001 Ponderosa
tv movie 1998 Meteorites!
tv movie 1997 Trucks
tv series 1997 Raw FM
tv series 1997 State Coroner
tv movie 1996 The Morrison Murders: Based on a True Story
tv movie 1993 The Feds: Betrayal
tv movie 1993 The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?
tv movie 1993 Woman on the Ledge
tv movie 1991 Stop at Nothing
tv movie 1989 Swimsuit
movie 1989 The Delinquents
tv movie 1989 The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy
tv movie 1988 Moving Target
tv movie 1988 She Was Marked for Murder
tv series 1988 Stringer
movie 1987 The Perfectionist
tv series 1986 The Challenge
movie 1985 The Empty Beach
tv movie 1984 Man of Letters
tv series 1984 The Last Bastion
tv series 1984 Waterfront
tv series 1983 The Coral Island
tv series 1982 1915
tv series 1981 The Patchwork Hero
tv series 1980 Spring & Fall
tv movie 1980 Big Toys
tv series 1979 A Place in the World
tv series 1979 Top Mates

Chris Thomson on Youtube

A short little video I filmed for Chris for his college project, He couldn't use all the clips, so I decided to whack them together into a small edit myself ...

Written by Chris Thomson, directed and edited by Boris Mitkov Also with Max Calandrew, Alice Rose and Katrina Innes.