Chris Wiggins

Chris Wiggins was born on January 13, 1931 in Blackpool, England. He started out as a banker in his home country before he began his acting career in Canada, where he moved in 1952. ... more on Wikipedia

Chris Wiggins Filmography

tv movie 2005 Four Minutes as Burnett
tv movie 2005 Our Fathers as Angelo's Old Priest
tv movie 2003 The Piano Man's Daughter as James Kilworth
video movie 2002 Franklin's Magic Christmas as Mr. Collie
video movie 2002 The Snowman Who Saved Summer as Santa Claus
tv movie 2000 Redwall: The Movie as Abbot Mortimer
movie 1999 Babar: King of the Elephants as Cornelius
tv movie 1998 Evidence of Blood as Horace Talbott
tv movie 1998 The Defenders: Taking the First
tv movie 1998 Thunder Point as Charles Ferguson
tv series 1998 Birdz as Officer Pigeon
tv movie 1996 Sins of Silence as Father Flannigan
tv movie 1996 Windsor Protocol as Sir Charles Ferguson
tv movie 1995 Black Fox as Ralph Holtz
tv movie 1995 Black Fox: The Price of Peace as Ralph Holtz
movie 1995 Butterbox Babies as Senator Danver
movie 1995 Voices as Angus Fergusson
tv movie 1992 A Cry in the Night as Clyde
tv series 1992 By Way of the Stars as Captain Harris
tv movie 1991 Mark Twain and Me as Captain
movie 1991 Married to It as Dave
movie 1990 Divided Loyalties as Sir William Johnson
movie 1989 Babar: The Movie as Cornelius
tv movie 1987 Ford: The Man and the Machine
tv series 1987 Dinosaucers as Dimetro
tv movie 1986 Barnum as Olmstead
movie 1986 Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation as Great Wishing Star
tv series 1986 Spearfield's Daughter as Sylvester Spearfield
tv movie 1985 Jimmy Valentine as Victor Adams
tv movie 1985 Love & Larceny as Mr. Newton
tv movie 1985 Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins as Mr. Sun
tv movie 1984 Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name as Mr. Sun
movie 1984 The Bay Boy as Chief Charlie McInnes
tv movie 1983 A Case of Libel as Colonel Douglas
tv movie 1983 Cook & Peary: The Race to the Pole as Roberts
movie 1983 Rock & Rule as Toad
tv movie 1983 Strawberry Shortcake: Housewarming Surprise as Mr. Sun
tv movie 1982 Mazes and Monsters as King
tv movie 1982 Shocktrauma as Dr. McCall
movie 1981 Billy Goat's Bluff (Koza Dereza) as Narrator
tv movie 1981 Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper as John Sheardown
tv movie 1980 Easter Fever as Santa Claus
movie 1980 Fukkatsu no hi as Dr. Borodinov
tv movie 1980 The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog as Dr. Vic Walker
tv movie 1979 An American Christmas Carol as Mr. Brewster
movie 1979 Fish Hawk as Marcus Boggs
tv movie 1979 Intergalactic Thanksgiving or Please Don't Eat the Planet as Pa Spademinder
movie 1979 L'homme en colère as MacKenzie
movie 1979 Murder by Decree as Doctor Hardy
tv movie 1979 Riel as Middleton
tv series 1979 A Man Called Intrepid as Heisenberg
movie 1978 High-Ballin' as King Caroll
tv movie 1978 The Devil and Daniel Mouse as B.L. Zebub
movie 1978 Two Solitudes as Capitain Yardley
movie 1978 Voice of the Fugitive
tv movie 1977 A Cosmic Christmas as Mayor
movie 1977 Welcome to Blood City as Gellor
movie 1977 Why Shoot the Teacher? as Lyle Bishop
tv series 1974 The National Dream: Building the Impossible Railway as Donald Smith
movie 1973 The Neptune Factor as Capt. Williams
tv movie 1973 Tom Sawyer as Lawyer
tv series 1971 Paul Bernard, Psychiatrist as Dr. Paul Bernard
movie 1970 King of the Grizzlies as The Colonel
movie 1968 The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kaladar as Emery Prometer
tv series 1967 Hatch's Mill as Donegan
movie 1966 A Question of Identity: War of 1812
tv movie 1966 Julius Caesar as Cassius
movie 1966 Once Upon a Prime Time
tv series 1966 Captain America as Thor
tv series 1966 Rocket Robin Hood as Will Scarlet
tv series 1966 The Marvel Super Heroes as Thor
tv series 1964 Moment of Truth as Dexter
tv series 1962 Vacation Time as Co-host
movie 1961 William Lyon Mackenzie: A Friend to His Country as Jeweller?

Chris Wiggins on Youtube

Performing at Broadway Comedy Club, NYC.

vehiclewrapture: Golf trailer wrap. #fore #hacker #hackeropen.

Cardiff Dragons vs Bracknell Hornets fight 10.01.09.

Chris Wiggins (Bison) scores and odd goal VS Bracknell Bee's 2.10.10.