Chrissie White

Chrissie White Filmography

tv movie 2006 Silent Britain as Herself
movie 1933 General John Regan as Moya Kent
movie 1930 Call of the Sea as Iris Tares
movie 1924 The World of Wonderful Reality as Jill Dealtry
movie 1923 Boden's Boy as Barbara Pilgrim
movie 1923 Lily of the Alley as Lily
movie 1923 The Naked Man as Ninette Monday
movie 1922 Simple Simon as Rosemary Ruth
movie 1921 The Bargain as Mary
movie 1921 The Lunatic at Large as Lady Irene
movie 1921 Tit for Tat as Peggy Smith
movie 1921 Wild Heather as Wild Heather Boyd
movie 1920 A Temporary Vagabond as Peggie Hurst
movie 1920 Aylwin as Winifred Wynne-
movie 1920 John Forrest Finds Himself as Joan Grey
movie 1920 The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest Bliss as Frances Clayton
movie 1919 Broken in the Wars as Mrs. Joe
movie 1919 His Dearest Possession as Red Emma Lobb
movie 1919 Possession as Valerie Sarton
movie 1919 The City of Beautiful Nonsense as Jill Dealtry
movie 1919 The Kinsman as Pamela Blois
movie 1918 Against the Grain as Mrs. Glad
movie 1918 Anna as Anna
movie 1918 Her Savings Saved as The Woman
movie 1918 The Hanging Judge as Molly
movie 1918 The Inevitable as The Girl
movie 1918 The Message as The Woman
movie 1918 The Poet's Windfall as The Girl
movie 1918 The Refugee as Peasant
movie 1918 The Secret as The Wife
movie 1918 Towards the Light as Annie Wilton
movie 1918 What's the Use of Grumbling as The Girl
movie 1917 A Grain of Sand as Doris Kestevan
movie 1917 Broken Threads as Helen Desmond
movie 1917 Carrots as Carrots
movie 1917 Daughter of the Wilds as The Girl
movie 1917 Her Marriage Lines as Jean Neville
movie 1917 Lollipops and Posies as The Girl
movie 1917 Neighbours as The Girl
movie 1917 The Blindness of Fortune as Rose Jordan
movie 1917 The Countess of Summacount as The Girl
movie 1917 The Eternal Triangle as Margaret Clive
movie 1917 The Failure as Margaret Gilder
movie 1917 The Joke That Failed as Betty Finch
movie 1917 The Man Behind 'The Times' as Jet Overbury
movie 1916 A Bunch of Violets as Violet Marchant
movie 1916 Comin' Thro' the Rye as Alice Adair
movie 1916 Face to Face as Kathleen Dare
movie 1916 Miggles' Maid as The Maid
movie 1916 Molly Bawn as Lady Cecil Stafford
movie 1916 Partners as Mary
movie 1916 Sowing the Wind as Maude Fretwell
movie 1916 The White Boys
movie 1916 Tubby's Bungle-Oh! as Helen Smith
movie 1916 Tubby's Good Work as The Tramp
movie 1916 Tubby's Rest Cure
movie 1916 Tubby's Spanish Girls as SeƱorita
movie 1916 Tubby's Typewriter as The girlfriend
movie 1916 Who's Your Friend? as The Wife
movie 1915 A Losing Game as The friend
movie 1915 As the Sun Went Down as Mildred Blair
movie 1915 Barnaby Rudge as Dolly Varden
movie 1915 Behind the Curtain as May Holmes
movie 1915 Cock o' the Walk
movie 1915 Coward! as Mrs. Harsdon
movie 1915 Her Boy as Isabelle
movie 1915 Marmaduke and His Angel as Angela
movie 1915 Miss Deceit as Elysia de Seete
movie 1915 One Good Turn as Grace Newton
movie 1915 Phyllis and the Foreigner as Phyllis
movie 1915 Schoolgirl Rebels as Phyllis
movie 1915 Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers as Susie
movie 1915 Sweet Lavender as Lavender
movie 1915 The Confession as Pauline Allington
movie 1915 The Incorruptible Crown as Mary
movie 1915 The Little Mother as The Orphan
movie 1915 The Man Who Stayed at Home as Daphne Kidlington
movie 1915 The Man with the Scar as Eva
movie 1915 The Nightbirds of London
movie 1915 The Painted Lady Betty as Lady Betty
movie 1915 The Recalling of John Grey as Helen Fane
movie 1915 The Second String as Brenda Travers
movie 1915 The Sweater as Enid Miller
movie 1915 The White Hope
movie 1915 They're All After Flo as Flo
movie 1915 Tilly and the Nut as Sally
movie 1915 Wife the Weaker Vessel as Phyllis
movie 1914 A Knight of the Road as Marion
movie 1914 A Misleading Miss as Kate Matthews
movie 1914 Despised and Rejected as Model
movie 1914 Dr. Fenton's Ordeal as Sybil Harding
movie 1914 Getting His Own Back as Flossie
movie 1914 John Linworth's Atonement as Mary Linworth
movie 1914 Judged by Appearances as Mamie
movie 1914 Lucky Jim as Lady Winnie
movie 1914 Only a Flower Girl as Jessie
movie 1914 Pals as Flower Girl
movie 1914 Rhubarb and Rascals as Heroine
movie 1914 Simpkins Gets a War Scare as Mary Jane
movie 1914 The Basilisk
movie 1914 The Breaking Point as Clarice Armitage
movie 1914 The Curtain as Mary
movie 1914 The Girl Who Lived in Straight Street as Stella Leighton
movie 1914 The Girl Who Played the Game as Elsie Stevens
movie 1914 The Lie as Doris Sloane
movie 1914 The Pet of the Regiment
movie 1914 The Sneeze as Enid
movie 1914 The Unseen Witness as Anne
movie 1914 Tilly at the Football Match as Sally
movie 1914 Time the Great Healer as Alice
movie 1914 Two of a Kind as Chrissie
movie 1914 Wildflower as Priscilla Angelina
movie 1913 A Damp Deed as Kitty
movie 1913 All's Fair as Mary
movie 1913 At the Foot of the Scaffold as Emily West
movie 1913 Blood and Bosh as The Heroine
movie 1913 Captain Jack V.C. as Lady Helen Mavering
movie 1913 David Garrick
movie 1913 Deceivers Both as Alice Debenham
movie 1913 Dr. Trimball's Verdict as Alice
movie 1913 Drake's Love Story as Elizabeth Sydenham
movie 1913 For Marion's Sake as Marion
movie 1913 For Such Is the Kingdom of Heaven as Sylvia Craggs
movie 1913 For the Honor of the House as Mary
movie 1913 Held for Ransom as The Daughter
movie 1913 Her Crowning Glory as Janet
movie 1913 Kissing Cup as Chrissie Heatherington
movie 1913 Lieutenant Pie's Love Story as The Girl
movie 1913 Love and a Burglar as Winnie
movie 1913 One Fair Daughter as Dolly Carew
movie 1913 Peter's Little Picnic as Gertie
movie 1913 Shadows of a Great City as Nellie Standish
movie 1913 The Curate's Bride as Kitty
movie 1913 The Defective Detective as Rachel
movie 1913 The Dogs and the Desperado
movie 1913 The Inevitable as Kitty Vernon
movie 1913 The Man or His Money as Freda Haywell
movie 1913 The Mysterious Philanthropist as Maud Hazlitt
movie 1913 The Old Nuisance as Elsie
movie 1913 The Promise as Ivy Morton
movie 1913 The Real Thing as Phyllis
movie 1913 The Red Light as Mrs. Joe
movie 1913 The Vicar of Wakefield as Sophia Primrose
movie 1913 Tilly's Breaking-Up Party as Sally
movie 1912 A Bold Venture
movie 1912 A Curate's Love Story as Eileen
movie 1912 A Harlequinade Let Loose as Columbine
movie 1912 A Man and a Serving Maid as Elsie Waller
movie 1912 Her 'Mail' Parent as The Girl
movie 1912 Her Only Pal as Flowergirl
movie 1912 Love in a Laundry
movie 1912 Plot and Pash
movie 1912 The Blind Man's Dog as Woman in street
movie 1912 The Deception as Fay
movie 1912 The Lieutenant's Bride as The Seamstress
movie 1912 The Luck of the Red Lion
movie 1912 The Mermaid as The Mermaid
movie 1912 The Unmasking of Maud as Christine
movie 1912 Tilly and the Dogs as Sally
movie 1912 Tilly in a Boarding House as Sally
movie 1912 Tilly Works for a Living as Sally
movie 1911 A Sprained Ankle as Girl
movie 1911 Gipsy Nan as Nan
movie 1911 In Jest and Earnest
movie 1911 Janet's Flirtation as The Niece
movie 1911 Mr. Poorluck Buys Some China as Onlooker
movie 1911 The Fireman's Daughter as Myrtle Chippen
movie 1911 The Greatest of These
movie 1911 The Reclamation of Snarky as Dressmaker
movie 1911 Tilly - Matchmaker as Sally
movie 1911 Tilly and the Fire Engines as Sally
movie 1911 Tilly and the Morman Missionary as Sally
movie 1911 Tilly and the Smugglers as Sally
movie 1911 Tilly at the Seaside as Sally
movie 1911 Tilly's Party as Sally
movie 1911 Wealthy Brother John as Mary
movie 1911 When Tilly's Uncle Flirted as Sally
movie 1910 Over the Garden Wall as The Girl
movie 1910 The Sheriff's Daughter as The Daughter
movie 1910 Tilly the Tomboy Buys Linoleum as Sally
movie 1910 Tilly the Tomboy Goes Boating as Sally
movie 1910 Tilly the Tomboy Visits the Poor as Sally
movie 1909 The Cabman's Good Fairy as The Rich Girl
movie 1909 The Girl Who Joined the Bushrangers
movie 1909 The Jewel Thieves as Cyclist
movie 1909 The Little Milliner and the Thief
movie 1908 For the Little Lady's Sake as The Girl

Chrissie White on Youtube

Chrissie White Showreel. Excerpts from The Wheel, Dir. David Luque, Archie, Dir. Nick Brackenbury, Marbles, Dir Leah Margoye.

Behind the scenes of a ROOKIE magazine shoot with Chrissie White.

I hope you like it.

that was random. Very very random. X'DDD Original sounds are from this vid: I love fennecs X'DDD.