Christian Calloway

Christian Calloway Filmography

movie 2014 The Glass Circle as Panhandler
movie 2013 Dirty Beautiful as Homeless Man
movie 2013 Revenge, Inc. as Michael
movie 2013 Synchronicity as Father Christian
movie 2013 To Kristen with Love as Homeless Man
movie 2013 Waking as Homeless Guy
tv series 2013 Eggy as Dino Hobo
video movie 2012 $1 Book Heaven as Bum
movie 2012 Crazy Eyes as Homeless Santa
movie 2012 Fallback as Bum
tv series 2012 Walking in LA as Gary the Crazy Homeless Man
movie 2011 6Gun as Priest
movie 2011 Perspective as Homeless Man
movie 2011 Switchboard as Carl the Homeless Guy
movie 2010 In Deep Sight as Liam
movie 2010 Little Fockers as Construction Foreman
video movie 2010 Serj Tankian: Elect the Dead Symphony as Homeless Man in Saving Us
video movie 2010 The Aftermath: A 2012 Story as Marcus
movie 2010 The Lucky One as Homeless Man
video movie 2010 The Making of a Killer as Harold
movie 2009 Fast & Furious as Prisoner
movie 2009 Bob Funk
movie 2002 Wishcraft as Biker
movie 2001 Pledge of Innocence as Truck Driver
movie 2000 Good Housekeeping as Neighbor
movie 1997 Deus Volt as Saracen Cart Driver
movie 1996 The Ringmaster as Binky

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