Christian Magdu

Christian Magdu, born 15 October 1977 in Ploie?ti in Romania, is an actor from Sweden. ... more on Wikipedia

Christian Magdu Filmography

movie 2013 Nord Express as Hans von Geldern
movie 2009 Prinsessa as Martin
movie 2009 På djupet as Fredrik
video movie 2009 Syner as Johan
movie 2008 Craig as Chris
video movie 2008 Craig: A Killer in the Making as Chris
movie 2008 Död vid ankomst as Pål Håkansson
movie 2008 Home Service as The Nurse
movie 2007 Främmande as Raul
movie 2007 Judgement Day as Supreme Justice #1
movie 2007 Memfis: The Wind Up as The Man
movie 2007 Teater Pseudo - Sex as Casanova
movie 2007 Zapatos nuevos as The interrogator
movie 2006 Year One as Ludvic
movie 2005 Aldrig en absolution as The lab technician
tv series 2005 Medicinmannen as Cop
tv movie 2004 Blodröda rosor as Klas
movie 2004 Camp Slaughter as Adrian
movie 2004 Hotet as Capt. Jonas Karlsson

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