Christine Harnos

Christine Harnos Filmography

movie 2003 Seventh Veil
tv movie 1998 Remembering Sex as Josie Ray
tv movie 1997 Bloodhounds as Nikki Cruise
tv movie 1997 Hollywood Confidential as Shelly Katz
movie 1997 Pink as the Day She Was Born as Rhonda
movie 1997 The Girl Gets Moe as Dotty
movie 1996 Drowning in West as Polly
movie 1996 Hellraiser: Bloodline as Rimmer
tv movie 1996 Thrill as Ann Simon
tv movie 1994 Cool and the Crazy as Lorraine
movie 1993 Dazed and Confused as Kaye Faulkner
movie 1993 Judgment Night as Linda Wyatt
movie 1990 Cold Dog Soup as Sarah Hughes
movie 1990 Denial as Sid
movie 1989 Forbidden Sun as Steph
movie 1988 The Rescue as Adrian Phillips
movie Here Is Something Beautiful (Etc.

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A music vid tribute to the quirky comedy Cold Dog Soup(1990), starring Frank Whaley, Randy Quaide, and Christine Harnos. For Lory, Helene, Brady, and ...

Now on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Download! More info at Michael Latchmer (Vacancy's Frank Whaley) finally scores dinner ... Sarah (Robin Wright) and Michael (Jason Patric) are lovers. She is loving and playful and has many actor friends. He has no one bu...

Finally found "The Rescue" we had been looking for a long long time, seen years ago on DD. The story about 5 kids saving their fathers serving in the US Navy...