Christopher Karl Johnson

Christopher Karl Johnson Filmography

movie 2014 Charlie Is My Darlin' as Orderlies
movie 2014 Inherent Vice as Mr. Robinson
movie 2013 Ain't No Sunshine as Sheriff
movie 2013 Tough Guy as Shopkeeper
movie 2013 Who Killed Johnny as Police officer, Cleaner
tv series 2013 Moonbound24: The Webseries as Dr. Otto von Braun
movie 2013 Walking with the Enemy
video movie 2012 Nazis at the Center of the Earth as Dr. Josef Mengele
movie 2012 Swine as Halstead
video movie 2011 Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes as Father Renz
movie 2011 Atlas Shrugged: Part I as Senator at press conference
movie 2011 Valentine's Day Massacre as Sgt Tom
movie 2011 Water for Elephants as Foxtrot Dancer in Speakeasy
movie 2010 Crown Prince of Heaven as Joseph
movie 2010 Lars as Gerald Weber
movie 2010 Plains as The Sergeant
movie 2010 Surviving Hitler: A Love Story as Helmuth Cord
movie 2010 Yes as Coach
movie 2009 Angels & Demons as Cardinal
movie 2009 Duel Times as Bross Dirkson
movie 2009 God Hates Us as Terry the Homeless
movie 2009 Race to Witch Mountain as Country and Western Dancer in Bar
movie 2009 Spoils of War as Colonel Von Weschler
movie 2009 Star Trek as Shipyard Worker
movie 2009 The Soloist as Drunk Uncle at Christmas Party
movie 2008 Changeling as Protester
movie 2008 Eagle Eye as Congressman Escorting President in to the House
video movie 2008 Edges of Darkness as Undead Outdoorsman
movie 2008 Step Brothers as Wedding Guest
movie 2008 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as Medical Officer on Liberty Ship
movie 2008 The Last One as Fastred
movie Sdanka's War as Mr. Smith

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Originální název: Water for Elephants, Informace o filmu na Drama, USA, 2011, 121 min. Režie: Francis Lawrence Hrají: R.

Originální název: Eagle Eye, Informace o filmu na Drama / thriller, USA, 2008, 118 min. Režie: D.J. Caruso Hrají: Shia LaBe...

Informace o filmu na Akční / dobrodružný / drama / sci-fi, USA, 2009, 126 min. Režie: J.J. Abrams Hrají: Chris Pine, Zacha...

Originální název: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Informace o filmu na Drama / mysteriozní ...