Christopher Murney

Christopher Murney Filmography

movie 2007 Chicago 10 as Meany
tv movie 2004 'Huff': Around the Edges as Himself
movie 2002 Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control as Albert
movie 2001 Way Off Broadway as Mr. Kaufman
movie 1999 Pioneer 12 as Moby
movie 1995 Cafe Society as Frank Frustinsky
tv movie 1995 The Way West as Voice
movie 1991 Barton Fink as Detective Deutsch
tv movie 1991 The 10 Million Dollar Getaway as Lou Werner
movie 1989 Last Exit to Brooklyn as Paulie
tv movie 1988 The Congress
tv movie 1987 Murder by the Book as Lieutenant Greenberg
movie 1987 The Secret of My Succe$s as Barney Rattigan
movie 1986 Maximum Overdrive as Camp Loman
movie 1986 Where Are the Children? as Lenny Barron
movie 1985 The Last Dragon as Eddie Arkadian
movie 1984 Grace Quigley as Max Putnam
tv movie 1983 Found Money as Warren
tv movie 1983 Jacobo Timerman: Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number as Colonel Rossi
tv movie 1983 The Charmkins
tv movie 1981 Kent State as Major Jones
tv movie 1979 You Can't Go Home Again as Milliken
tv series 1979 From Here to Eternity as Cpl. Lewis
tv movie 1978 The One and Only Phyllis Dixey as Jack Tracy
movie 1977 Slap Shot as Tommy Hanrahan
tv movie 1977 The San Pedro Bums as Buddy
tv movie 1974 The Country Girl as Larry
movie 1974 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three as Dispatcher
tv series 1968 One Life to Live as Buck Miller

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