Chuck Vincent

Chuck Vincent Filmography

movie 2008 Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon as Himself - Porn Film Producer & Director
video movie 1990 Party Girls as Director
movie 1990 Bedroom Eyes II
video movie 1990 New York's Finest
movie 1990 Sexpot
movie 1990 Wildest Dreams
movie 1989 Cleo/Leo
movie 1989 Thrilled to Death
movie 1989 Young Nurses in Love
movie 1989 Enrapture
movie 1989 Bad Blood
movie 1987 Student Affairs as Cameraman
movie 1987 Deep Inside Trading
movie 1987 Deranged
movie 1987 Sensations
movie 1987 Slammer Girls
video movie 1987 Babes in Joyland
movie 1987 Divorce Court Expose
movie 1987 Warrior Queen
video movie 1986 Wimps as Ice Cream Vendor
movie 1986 If Looks Could Kill
movie 1986 Sex Appeal
movie 1986 Voyeur
movie 1985 Bordello: House of the Rising Sun
movie 1985 Delivery Boys
movie 1985 Sex Crimes 2084
movie 1985 Sex Drive
movie 1984 Jack 'n Jill 2 as Video Technician
movie 1984 Preppies
tv movie 1984 R.S.V.P.
movie 1984 Hollywood Hot Tubs
movie 1983 In Love
movie 1982 Luscious as New York Drunk
movie 1982 The Devil in Miss Jones Part II as Sheik's Bodyguard
movie 1982 Puss 'n Boots
movie 1982 Dirty Looks
movie 1982 Consenting Adults
movie 1981 C.O.D. as Kidnapper #2
movie 1981 Roommates
movie 1980 Fascination as Guy Next to Ernie in Theater
movie 1980 Bon App├ętit
movie 1980 Games Women Play
movie 1980 Hot T-Shirts
movie 1980 That Lucky Stiff
movie 1980 Tramp
movie 1980 Sizzle
movie 1979 Summer Camp as Prospector
movie 1979 A Matter of Love
movie 1979 Jack n' Jill
movie 1978 Dirty Lily as Director's Assistant
movie 1978 Cheerleaders Beach Party
movie 1978 Bad Penny
movie 1978 MisBehavin'
movie 1977 American Tickler
movie 1977 Visions
movie 1976 Bang Bang You Got It! as Slate Operator in Opening Credits
movie 1976 Fantasex as Card player
movie 1976 Peach Fuzz as Steve's Friend
movie 1975 Farewell Scarlet as Old Lady
movie 1975 Heavy Load
movie 1974 Mrs. Barrington
movie 1973 Blue Summer
movie 1973 Grace's Place
movie 1973 Lecher
movie 1972 While the Cat's Away...
movie 1972 American Cream
movie 1972 Voices of Desire
movie 1971 The Appointment

Chuck Vincent on Youtube

Roommates is a totally unique film about three women whose lives become entwined as they share a NYC apartment. Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart, Kelly ...

Sweeping romantic (and sexy) melodrama from Chuck Vincent, stars Kelly Nichols and Jerry Butler. Really well made tear-jerker, and how about that theme ...

Sandra Peabody aka Sandra Cassell (credited in this film as Liyda Cassell), best known for her portrayal of Mari Collingwood in Wes Craven's LAST HOUSE ON ...

VHS trailer for the 1984 teen comedy Preppies, directed by Chuck Vincent.