Cissy Fitzgerald

Cissy Fitzgerald (February 1, 1873 ? May 5, 1941) was an English-American vaudeville actress, dancer and singer who appeared in numerous silent and sound movies. She made her first movie almost at the beginning of film in 1896 appearing in a self titled short film shot by Thomas Edison. She did not appear in films again until 1914 where she signed with the Vitagraph company and was quite popular in feature films and her own series of Cissy short films. Very little of Fitzgerald's silent mat ... more on Wikipedia

Cissy Fitzgerald Filmography

movie 1937 Patricia Gets Her Man as Duchess Banning
movie 1935 Strictly Illegal as Lady Percival
movie 1934 Flirtation as Mrs. Nerps
movie 1933 Maids a la Mode as Mrs. Von Eckterhorse
movie 1933 Only Yesterday
movie 1933 The Masquerader as Dancing Dowager
movie 1930 Aunt's in the Pants
movie 1930 Du Barry, Woman of Passion as Bit Role
movie 1929 His Lucky Day as Dowager
movie 1929 Seven Footprints to Satan as Old Lady
movie 1929 Social Sinners
movie 1929 The Diplomats
movie 1929 The Painted Angel as Ma Hudler
movie 1928 Ladies of the Night Club as Bossy Hart
movie 1928 Laugh, Clown, Laugh as Giancinta
movie 1927 Fire and Steel as Mary O'Farrell
movie 1927 Matinee Ladies as Madame Leonine
movie 1927 McFadden's Flats as Mrs. Halloran
movie 1927 Scared Pink
movie 1927 The Arizona Wildcat as Mother Schyler
movie 1927 The Beauty Shoppers as Mrs. Schuyler
movie 1927 Two Flaming Youths as Madge Malarkey
movie 1927 Women Love Diamonds as Mrs. Ray
movie 1927 Women's Wares as Mrs. Frank Stanton
movie 1926 Flames as Mrs. Edgerton
movie 1926 Her Big Night as Mrs. Harmon
movie 1926 Long Pants
movie 1926 No Babies Wanted as Woman from Orphanage
movie 1926 Redheads Preferred as Mrs. Henry Carter
movie 1926 The Crown of Lies as Leading Lady
movie 1926 The Danger Girl as Henrietta Travers
movie 1926 The High Flyer
movie 1926 The Love Thief as Countess Leopold Marjenka
movie 1925 I'll Show You the Town as Agnes Clevenger
movie 1925 If Marriage Fails as Mrs. Loring
movie 1925 Steppin' Out as Mrs. John Durant
movie 1924 A Woman Who Sinned as Burlesque Queen
movie 1924 Babbitt as Mrs. Zilla Reisling
movie 1924 Cornered as Lola Mulvaney
movie 1924 Daring Love as Queenie
movie 1924 Flowing Gold as The Suicide Blonde
movie 1924 Lilies of the Field as Florette
movie 1924 Vanity's Price as Mrs. Connors
movie 1921 Cissy Invades Bohemia as Cissy
movie 1921 Cissy's Economy as Cissy
movie 1921 Cissy's Financial Flivver as Cissy
movie 1921 Cissy's Saucy Stockings as Cissy
movie 1921 Seeing America Thirst as Cissy
movie 1916 Leave It to Cissy as Cissy
movie 1915 A Corner in Cats as Cissy Bunkum
movie 1915 A Madcap Adventure as Pearl Courthope
movie 1915 Cissy's Innocent Wink as Cissy Crabapple
movie 1915 Curing Cissy as Cissy
movie 1915 Cutey's Sister
movie 1915 Heavy Villains as Mrs. Lawrence
movie 1915 Insuring Cutey
movie 1915 Keep Moving as Cissie
movie 1915 The Dust of Egypt as Mrs. Manning
movie 1915 The Esterbrook Case as Helen Van Austin
movie 1915 The Evolution of Cutey as The Widow Sweezy - Cutey's Mother
movie 1915 The Widow Wins as Cissy Fitzgerald - the Widow
movie 1915 Welcome to Bohemia as Paul's Mother-in-Law
movie 1915 Zablitzky's Waterloo
movie 1914 How Cissy Made Good as Cissy
movie 1914 How to Do It and Why; or, Cutey at College as Mrs. Woods
movie 1914 Mary Jane Entertains as Mrs. Brown
movie 1914 The Accomplished Mrs. Thompson as Mrs. Thompson
movie 1914 The Ladies' War as Mrs. Minxton
movie 1914 The Man Behind the Door as Alice Montague Marvin
movie 1914 The Win(k)some Widow as The Widow, a Broadway Star
movie 1896 Cissy Fitzgerald as Herself

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