Claire Whitney

Claire Whitney Filmography

movie 2006 The Woman with the Hungry Eyes
movie 1949 An Old-Fashioned Girl as Miss Mills
movie 1949 Dancing in the Dark as Board Member
movie 1949 Frontier Investigator as Molly Bright
movie 1949 Roaring Westward as Aunt Jessica Martin
movie 1948 California Firebrand as Prunella - Dress Shop Customer
movie 1948 Cowboy Cavalier as Mary Croft aka Collins
movie 1948 Ladies of the Chorus as Mrs. Windrift - Party Guest
movie 1948 Oklahoma Badlands as Agatha Scragg
movie 1948 Rocky as Hortense
movie 1948 The Babe Ruth Story as Mrs. Jackson - Johnny's Mother
movie 1948 The Snake Pit as Inmate
movie 1948 The Strange Mrs. Crane as Edna Emmerson
movie 1947 Christmas Eve as Mrs. Bunyan
movie 1947 Dangerous Years as Woman
movie 1947 Kilroy Was Here as Townswoman
movie 1946 She Wrote the Book
movie 1946 Smooth as Silk as Woman
movie 1946 The Haunted Mine as Mrs, Durant
movie 1945 A Guy, a Gal and a Pal as Mrs. Smith
movie 1945 Anchors Aweigh as USO Mother
movie 1945 G.I. Honeymoon as Mrs. Brown
movie 1945 Keep Your Powder Dry as WAC Seamstress #1
movie 1945 She Gets Her Man as Landlady
movie 1945 Under Western Skies as Mrs. Simms
movie 1944 Gypsy Wildcat as Maid
movie 1944 Hat Check Honey as Mrs. Worthington
movie 1944 Ladies of Washington as Passenger
movie 1944 Moon Over Las Vegas as Mrs. Towers, Grace's Mother
movie 1944 The Mummy's Ghost as Mrs. Ella Norman
movie 1943 False Faces as Agnes Harding
movie 1943 Get Going
movie 1943 Mister Big as Theatrical Party Member
movie 1943 So's Your Uncle as Marta
movie 1943 Tender Comrade as Nurse
movie 1943 The Woman of the Town as Mrs. Robert Wright
movie 1943 Wintertime as Bridge Player
movie 1942 Behind the Eight Ball as Woman
movie 1942 Frisco Lil as Nell Brewster
movie 1942 Lady in a Jam as Woman
movie 1942 Saboteur as Wife in Movie Audience
movie 1942 Silver Queen as Mrs. Harriet Bailey
movie 1942 The Silver Bullet as Emily Morgan
movie 1942 There's One Born Every Minute as Mrs. Barstow
movie 1941 In the Navy as Gushing Mother
movie 1941 Mob Town as Mrs. Simpson
movie 1940 The House of the Seven Gables as Witness
movie 1939 Charlie McCarthy, Detective as Maid
movie 1939 Chip of the Flying U as Miss Wilson
movie 1939 I Stole a Million as Hospital Matron
movie 1939 Laugh It Off as Miss Martin
movie 1939 The Forgotten Woman as Woman Reporter
movie 1939 Tower of London as Civilian Woman
movie 1939 When Tomorrow Comes as Waitress
movie 1938 Letter of Introduction as Nurse Ryan
movie 1938 Red Barry as Secretary
movie 1938 Secrets of a Nurse as Nurse
movie 1935 Way Down East as Quilting Party Woman
movie 1934 Enlighten Thy Daughter as Alice Stevens
movie 1931 A Free Soul as Aunt Helen
movie 1931 Iron Man as Louise Lewis
movie 1929 Gossip as Alice - Bill's Wife
movie 1928 Innocent Love
movie 1926 The Great Gatsby as Catherine
movie 1921 Fine Feathers as Jane Reynolds
movie 1921 The Leech as Dorothy
movie 1921 The Passionate Pilgrim as Esther
movie 1920 A Common Level as Marion Schuyler
movie 1920 Love, Honor and Obey as Marion Holbury
movie 1920 Mothers of Men as Marie Helmar
movie 1920 The Chamber Mystery as Kitty Parker
movie 1920 Why Women Sin as Baroness de Ville
movie 1919 The Career of Katherine Bush as Lady Beatrice Strobridge
movie 1919 The Isle of Conquest as Claire Wilson
movie 1919 The Man Who Stayed at Home as Molly Preston
movie 1919 You Never Know Your Luck
movie 1918 Kaiser's Finish as Emily Busch
movie 1918 Moral Suicide as Lucy Daniels
movie 1918 Ruling Passions as Louise Palmer
movie 1917 Camille as Celeste Duval
movie 1917 Heart and Soul as Bess
movie 1917 Shirley Kaye as Daisy Magen
movie 1917 Tangled Lives as Marion Halcombe
movie 1917 The New York Peacock as Billy's Wife
movie 1917 Thou Shalt Not Steal as Madeleine
movie 1917 When False Tongues Speak as Helen Lee
movie 1916 A Wife's Sacrifice as Pauline de Moray
movie 1916 East Lynne as Barbara Hare
movie 1916 Jealousy
movie 1916 Sporting Blood as Bessie Riddle
movie 1916 The Ruling Passion as Claire Sherlock
movie 1916 The Spider and the Fly as Nana
movie 1916 The Straight Way as Nell Madison
movie 1916 The Victim as Edna Boulden
movie 1916 Under Two Flags as Venitia
movie 1915 Blindness of Devotion as Bella
movie 1915 Should a Mother Tell as Baroness Gauntier
movie 1915 The Galley Slave as Cecil Blaine
movie 1915 The Girl I Left Behind Me as The General's Daughter
movie 1915 The Mysterious Bride
movie 1915 The Nigger as Georgiana Byrd
movie 1915 The Plunderer as Joan Presby
movie 1915 The Song of Hate as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 A Fight for Freedom; Or, Exiled to Siberia
movie 1914 Beneath the Czar as Anna Pavlowa
movie 1914 Fighting Death as Clara
movie 1914 Life's Shop Window as Lydia Wilton
movie 1914 The Burglar and the Lady as Norma
movie 1914 The Dream Woman as Alicia Warlock - The Woman in Black
movie 1914 The Idler as Kate Merryweather
movie 1914 The Lure
movie 1914 The Million Dollar Robbery as Daphne Pell
movie 1914 The Walls of Jericho as Lady Althea
movie 1914 The Woman of Mystery as Norma
movie 1913 Ben Bolt as Alice Lee
movie 1913 Shadows of the Moulin Rouge as Mrs. Dupont
movie 1913 The Closed Door as Florence's Sister
movie 1913 The Rogues of Paris
movie 1913 The Star of India as Captain Kenneth's Wife
movie 1912 The Paralytic as Blanche

Claire Whitney on Youtube

Claire Whitney & Chuck Katz at Joyce Szili's Hustle Dance Party at Regan Dance Center 1/24/2011 - In Memory of Claire Whitney - Video by Dance America ...

This trailer is the only surviving footage of the world's oldest movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel, The Great Gatsby. This lost silent f...

This trailer is the only surviving footage of the world's oldest movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel, The Great Gatsby. This lost silent f...

A 1913 silent horror film, directed by Herbert Brenon and Carl Laemmle. William King Baggot stars in this early dramatization of Robert Louis Stephenson's cl...