Clarence Burton

Clarence Burton (10 May 1882, Fort Lyon, in Benton County, Missouri ? 2 December 1933, Hollywood, California) was an American silent film actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Clarence Burton Filmography

movie 1932 Behind the Mask as Agent Gorman
movie 1932 The Sign of the Cross as Servillius
movie 1930 Only Saps Work as Sergeant Burns
movie 1930 The Love Trader as John
movie 1930 The Unholy Three as Regan
movie 1930 They Learned About Women as House Detective
movie 1929 Barnum Was Right as Martin
movie 1929 Dynamite as Police Officer
movie 1929 The Godless Girl as Prison Guard
movie 1929 The Locked Door as Bit Part
movie 1929 The Love Racket as Defense Attorney
movie 1929 The Younger Generation as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1928 Midnight Madness as A Sailor
movie 1928 Square Crooks as Harry Welsh
movie 1928 Stand and Deliver as Captain Melok
movie 1928 Stool Pigeon as Mike Shields
movie 1928 Submarine as Submarine Commander
movie 1927 A Harp in Hock as Plainclothesman
movie 1927 Chicago as Police sergeant
movie 1927 Rubber Tires as Mexican
movie 1927 The Angel of Broadway as Herman
movie 1927 The Fighting Eagle as Col. Neville
movie 1927 The King of Kings as Dysmas - the Repentant Thief
movie 1927 The Yankee Clipper as Captain McIntosh
movie 1926 Red Dice as Butler
movie 1926 Shipwrecked as Red Gowland
movie 1926 The Danger Girl as Organ man
movie 1926 The Nervous Wreck as Andy McNab
movie 1926 The Warning Signal
movie 1926 Three Faces East as John Ames
movie 1925 Flyin' Thru as Melvin Parker
movie 1925 Savages of the Sea as Black Brock
movie 1925 The Coming of Amos as Pedro Vladez
movie 1925 The Million Dollar Handicap as Langdon
movie 1925 The Road to Yesterday as Hugh Armstrong
movie 1925 The Wedding Song as Capt. Saltus
movie 1924 Bluff as Jack Hallowell
movie 1924 No More Women as 'Beef' Hogan
movie 1924 The Guilty One as Detective
movie 1924 The Mine with the Iron Door as The Sheriff
movie 1924 The Navigator as Spy
movie 1923 Adam's Rib as Cave Man
movie 1923 Garrison's Finish as Crimmins
movie 1923 High Gear Jeffrey as Michael Broderick
movie 1923 Hollywood as Himself
movie 1923 Mr. Billings Spends His Dime as Diego
movie 1923 Nobody's Money as Kelly
movie 1923 Salomy Jane as Baldwin
movie 1923 Sixty Cents an Hour as Crook
movie 1923 The Satin Girl as Moran
movie 1923 The Ten Commandments as The Taskmaster - Prologue
movie 1922 A Daughter of Luxury as Red Conroy
movie 1922 A Trip to Paramountown as Himself
movie 1922 Her Husband's Trademark as Mexican bandit
movie 1922 Her Own Money as Harvey Beecher
movie 1922 Manslaughter as Member of the Jury
movie 1922 One Glorious Day as Bert Snead
movie 1922 The Beautiful and Damned
movie 1922 The Crimson Challenge as Black Bart
movie 1922 The Impossible Mrs. Bellew as Detective
movie 1922 The Law and the Woman as Bates
movie 1922 The Man Unconquerable as Nilsson
movie 1922 The Ordeal as George Bruce
movie 1921 Crazy to Marry as Gregory Slade
movie 1921 Fool's Paradise as Manuel
movie 1921 Forbidden Fruit as Steve Maddock
movie 1921 Miss Lulu Bett as Ninian Deacon
movie 1921 The Jucklins as Dr. Etheridge
movie 1921 The Lost Romance as Detective
movie 1921 The Love Special as Morris Blood
movie 1920 Burglar Proof as Martin Green
movie 1920 The Fighting Chance as Leroy Mortimer
movie 1920 The Six Best Cellars as Ed Hammond
movie 1920 Thou Art the Man as Matt Solomon
movie 1920 What's Your Hurry? as Brenton Harding
movie 1920 Why Change Your Wife? as Party Guest
movie 1919 Castles in the Air as John McArthur
movie 1919 Hawthorne of the U.S.A. as Fredericks
movie 1919 Hearts of Men as Buck Hughes
movie 1919 Male and Female as Yacht Captain
movie 1919 Six Feet Four as Sheriff Cole Dalton
movie 1919 The Last of the Duanes as Bland
movie 1919 The Spender as Elmer Robbins
movie 1919 Venus in the East as Pontius Blint
movie 1919 Wings of the Morning as Taung Si Ali
movie 1918 A Bit of Jade as Lantz
movie 1918 Beauty and the Rogue as Detective Callahan
movie 1918 Fame and Fortune as Sheriff of Palo
movie 1918 Powers That Prey as Jarvis McVey
movie 1918 The Midnight Trail as W.H. Irons
movie 1918 The Mystery Girl as Prince Ugo
movie 1918 The Return of Mary as John Denby
movie 1917 Beloved Rogues as Jack Kennedy
movie 1917 High Play as Gerald Morier
movie 1917 My Fighting Gentleman as Isiah Gore
movie 1917 New York Luck as Jimmie Keen
movie 1917 Periwinkle as Sam Coffin
movie 1917 Pride and the Man as Jim Gibson
movie 1917 Snap Judgment as Steve Bradley
movie 1917 The Frame-Up as Michael Broderick
movie 1917 The Sea Master as Portuguese Joe
movie 1916 A Dream or Two Ago as Her Father
movie 1916 A Modern Knight as Jackson, Movie Director
movie 1916 Bluff
movie 1916 Citizens All
movie 1916 Faith as John Thorpe
movie 1916 Lying Lips as Arnold Howard
movie 1916 Philip Holden - Waster as Robert Landon
movie 1916 Purity as Publisher
movie 1916 The Broken Wire as Conductor
movie 1916 The Detective's Peril
movie 1916 The Franchise
movie 1916 The Girl Who Dared as 1st Detective
movie 1916 The Haunted Station as The Chief Despatcher
movie 1916 The Open Track as 2nd Detective
movie 1916 The Overcoat as Stephen Norton
movie 1916 The Peril of the Rails as Engineer
movie 1916 The Perilous Swing as The Sheriff
movie 1916 The Reclamation as Gordon MacLeod
movie 1916 The Return as Mr. Melville, Frank's Father
movie 1916 The Sign of the Spade as Dave Harmon
movie 1916 The Switchman's Story
movie 1916 The Twinkler as Boss Corregan
movie 1916 When Seconds Count
movie 1915 A Boy at the Throttle as Layson - Station Agent
movie 1915 Crossed Wires as Bill Stone - Convict
movie 1915 Danger Ahead! as Bowring - Railroad Detective
movie 1915 The Dynamite Train as Tim Jones - Leader of the Yeggmen
movie 1915 The Girl and the Special as Atwell - Brakeman
movie 1915 The Girl on the Bridge as Daly - Jailbird
movie 1915 The Rescue of the Brakeman's Children as Dispatcher
movie 1915 The Surrender
movie 1915 The Tramp Telegrapher as Tom Corson - Pete's Pal
movie 1915 The Wrong Train Order as Macker - Chief Dispatcher
movie 1914 From the Lion's Jaws as Alma's Father
movie 1914 Heart Strings as Dr. Green
movie 1914 The Eleventh Hour
movie 1914 The Flash of Fate
movie 1914 The Hazards of Helen as Layson
movie 1914 The Legend of the Phantom Tribe
movie 1914 The Man Within
movie 1914 The Pearl of the Sea as Bob Benson - Myra's Father
movie 1914 The Vagabond Soldier as Col. Burton
movie 1914 The Yaqui's Revenge
movie 1913 At Shiloh
movie 1913 Campaigning with Custer as Lt. Burton
movie 1913 Lone Dog, the Faithful as Jim Wilmet - the Settler
movie 1913 The Cowboy Magnate as Sam
movie 1913 The Girl and the Tiger
movie 1913 The Girl Back East
movie 1913 The God of Girzah as Colonel Burton
movie 1913 The Head Hunters as John Marshall
movie 1913 The Iron Trail as J.C. Crandall
movie 1913 The Paymaster
movie 1913 The Prairie Trail as Col. Burton
movie 1913 The Raid of the Human Tigers as Col. Burton
movie 1913 The Right Road as Luther Patten - Laura's Father
movie 1913 The Water War
movie 1913 The Werewolf as Ezra Vance, Prospector and Trail Blazer
movie 1913 The White Squaw as Col. Hiram Paul
movie 1913 War of the Cattle Range as The Ranch Owner

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