Claude Duhamel

Claude Duhamel Filmography

movie 2015 Western Religion as Anton Stice
movie 2014 Cohesion as Cliff Tremblay
movie 2014 Jackhammer as Bronco
movie 2013 Elysium as Head Smuggler
movie 2013 Monster as Henry Jackson
movie 2012 Chasing Happiness as Rapheal
movie 2012 Dawn Rider as Curly
movie 2012 Degenerate as Ralphie
movie 2012 The Domino Effect as Johnny - Limo Planner
movie 2012 Throw Away People as Claude
tv movie 2011 Bringing Ashley Home as Ray
movie 2011 Fear in the Shadow of Desire as Homeless Guy
movie 2011 Go Green as Marco
tv movie 2011 The Pastor's Wife as Jimmy
movie 2007 Om as Eddie
movie 2006 Man About Town as Worker with Headshot
tv movie 2006 Ties That Bind as Trashy Guy
movie 2005 After Tomorrow as Razor
tv movie 2004 Deadly Visions as Daryl Wheeler
movie 2003 Firefight as Gus
tv movie 2001 Black River as Cowboy
movie 2001 Valentine as Gary Taylor
movie 2000 Consequence as Jack
tv movie 2000 The Linda McCartney Story as Keith Richards
movie 1998 Elvis Is Alive! I Swear I Saw Him Eating Ding Dongs Outside the Piggly Wiggly's as Heroin elvis
movie 1997 Road Movie as Ralph
movie 1995 Destination Vegas as Texas

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Director: Paul Wynne Starring: Jennifer Sommerfeld, Claude Duhamel, Richard Lynch.

Audition for "WAYNE" - THE WEIGHT.

Haunted by the images of his own traumatic past, Blair O'Leary (Bobby Field) unknowingly leads his friends down a dark path of destruction. Being a good frie...