Claude King

Claude King (born February 5, 1923) is an American country music singer and songwriter best known for his 1962 hit, "Wolverton Mountain." ... more on Wikipedia

Claude King Filmography

movie 1941 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Uncle Geoffrey
movie 1941 Free and Easy as Chemin de Fer Player Wanting Half of Bet
movie 1941 More Trifles of Importance as Duke's Doctor
movie 1940 New Moon as Monsieur Dubois
movie 1940 Susan and God as L.F.
movie 1940 The Earl of Chicago as Yeoman Usher
movie 1940 The Ghost Comes Home as Chester B. Morlick - Thomas' Lawyer
movie 1940 The Golden Fleecing as Clerk
movie 1940 The Howards of Virginia as Governor of Virginia
movie 1940 The Philadelphia Story as Uncle Willie's Butler
movie 1939 Broadway Serenade as Mr. Gato
movie 1939 Lady of the Tropics as Passenger on Yacht
movie 1939 Land of Liberty
movie 1939 Remember? as Man at Bronson's Fox Hunt
movie 1939 The Ash Can Fleet as Instructor
movie 1939 Within the Law as Art Dealer
movie 1938 Booloo as Major Fenton
movie 1938 Four Men and a Prayer as Gen. Bryce
movie 1938 If I Were King as Courtier
movie 1938 Man-Proof as Man at Party
movie 1938 Marie Antoinette as Choisell
movie 1938 The Chaser as Judge at Harvey's Trial
movie 1938 The Man on the Rock as Dr. Francesco Antommarchi - Napoleon's French Physician
movie 1938 The Ship That Died as Minor Role
movie 1937 A Star Is Born as John
movie 1937 Jungle Jim as Territorial Consul Gilbert [Ch.1]
movie 1937 Lancer Spy as Captain
movie 1937 Love Under Fire as Cunningham
movie 1937 Maytime as Noble at Court
movie 1937 Servant of the People: The Story of the Constitution of the United States as George Washington
movie 1937 The Girl from Scotland Yard as Sir Eric Ledyard
movie 1936 Beloved Enemy as Col. Loder
movie 1936 Happy Go Lucky as Col. Wallis
movie 1936 It Couldn't Have Happened (But It Did) as Ellis Holden
movie 1936 The Country Doctor as Toastmaster
movie 1936 The Last of the Mohicans as Duke of Marlborough
movie 1936 The Leathernecks Have Landed as British Agent in Shanghai
movie 1936 Three on the Trail as J. P. Ridley
movie 1935 1,000 Dollars a Minute as Robinson
movie 1935 Bonnie Scotland as General Fletcher
movie 1935 Circumstantial Evidence as Ralph Winters
movie 1935 It's in the Air as Sir Phillips
movie 1935 Personal Maid's Secret as Mr. B. Abercrombie
movie 1935 Smart Girl as James Reynolds
movie 1935 The Dark Angel as Sir Mordaunt
movie 1935 The Gilded Lily as Boat Captain
movie 1935 The Great Impersonation as Sir Gerald Hume
movie 1935 The Last Outpost as General
movie 1935 The Lives of a Bengal Lancer as Experienced Clerk
movie 1935 The Perfect Gentleman as Man at April's Party
movie 1935 The Perfect Tribute as Everett
movie 1935 The Right to Live as Mr. Pride
movie 1934 Born to Be Bad as Party Guest Admiring Letty
movie 1934 Charlie Chan in London as RAF Aerodrome Commander
movie 1934 City Park as General Horace G. Stevens
movie 1934 Coming-Out Party as Stanhope's Attorney
movie 1934 Long Lost Father as The Inspector
movie 1934 Murder in Trinidad as Sir Ellery Bronson - Governor
movie 1934 Now I'll Tell as Ship Captain
movie 1934 Stolen Sweets as Henry Belmont
movie 1934 The Moonstone as Sir Basil Wynard
movie 1934 The Mystery of Mr. X as Cummings
movie 1934 The World Moves On as Colonel Braithwaite
movie 1934 Two Heads on a Pillow as Albert Devonshire
movie 1933 Cavalcade as Speaker
movie 1933 Charlie Chan's Greatest Case as Capt. Arthur Cope
movie 1933 He Learned About Women as Drake
movie 1933 Hello, Sister! as Dr. A. Peterson
movie 1933 Kiss of Araby as Maj. J.W. Courtney
movie 1933 Meet the Baron as Explorer
movie 1933 Mystery of the Wax Museum as Mr. Galatalin
movie 1933 Pilgrimage as Ship Captain
movie 1933 Pleasure Cruise as Sir James Montgomery
movie 1933 The Big Brain as Minor Role
movie 1933 The Masquerader as Lakely
movie 1933 White Woman as C.M. Chisholm
movie 1932 6 Hours to Live as Conference Chairman
movie 1932 Behind the Mask as Arnold
movie 1932 Forbidden as Mr. Jones
movie 1932 Lovers Courageous as Pawnbroker
movie 1932 McKenna of the Mounted as Commissioner Brady
movie 1932 Shanghai Express as Mr. Albright
movie 1932 Sherlock Holmes as Sir Albert Hastings
movie 1932 Smilin' Through as Richard Clare, Moonyeen's Father
movie 1932 The Painted Woman as English Officer
movie 1931 Arrowsmith as Dr. Tubbs
movie 1931 Bad Girl as Dr. Burgess
movie 1931 Born to Love as Major General Visiting Hospital
movie 1931 Devotion as Arthur - Trent's Junior Partner
movie 1931 Doctors' Wives as Hospital Official
movie 1931 Heartbreak as Count Walden
movie 1931 Once a Lady as Sir William Gresham
movie 1931 Rango as The Man
movie 1931 The Phantom of Paris as Attorney
movie 1931 The Reckless Hour as Howard Crane
movie 1931 Transatlantic as Captain
movie 1931 Under 18 as Doctor
movie 1931 Women Love Once as Theodore Stewart
movie 1931 Working Girls as Mr. Adams
movie 1931 East Lynne
movie 1930 Follow Thru as Mac Moore
movie 1930 In Gay Madrid as Marques de Castelar
movie 1930 Leathernecking as Bit Part
movie 1930 Love Among the Millionaires as Mr. Hamilton
movie 1930 Prince of Diamonds as Gilbert Crayle
movie 1930 Son of the Gods as Bathurst
movie 1930 The Second Floor Mystery as Enright
movie 1929 Behind That Curtain as Sir George Mannering
movie 1929 Blue Skies as Richard Danforth
movie 1929 Desert Nights as The Real Lord Stonehill
movie 1929 Madame X as Valmorin
movie 1929 Strange Cargo as Yacht Captain
movie 1929 The Black Watch as General in India
movie 1929 The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu as Sir John Petrie
movie 1928 A Night of Mystery as Marquis Boismartel
movie 1928 Love and Learn as Robert Blair
movie 1928 Oh Kay! as The Earl of Rutfield
movie 1928 Outcast as Moreland
movie 1928 Red Hair as Thomas L. Burke
movie 1928 Sporting Goods as Timothy Stanfield
movie 1928 Warming Up as Mr. Post
movie 1927 Becky as Boris Abelard
movie 1927 London After Midnight as Roger Balfour
movie 1927 Mr. Wu as Mr. Muir
movie 1927 Singed as Ben Grimes
movie 1926 Paradise as Pollock
movie 1926 The Silent Lover as Contarini
movie 1925 Irish Luck as Solicitor
movie 1925 The Knockout as J. van Dyke Parker
movie 1925 The Making of O'Malley as Capt. Collins
movie 1925 The Unguarded Hour as Bryce Gilbert
movie 1923 Bella Donna as Dr. Meyer Isaacson
movie 1923 Six Days as Lord Charles Chetwyn
movie 1921 The Scarab Ring as Hugh Martinn
movie 1921 Why Girls Leave Home as Mr. Wallace
movie 1920 Idols of Clay as Dr. Herbert
movie 1912 Peggie and the Roundheads as Father

Claude King on Youtube

Singer/songwriter and actor Claude King is best remembered for his one big hit, "Wolverton Mountain," the tale of one Clifton Clowers who is "mighty handy wi...

A Civil War song which was released in 1962 and went to #10 on the country charts.

From 1961. This song was written by Claude and Tillman Franks for 20th Century Fox to be used in a John Wanye film. The movie was never made because ...

Trailer for entertaining 1971 swamp trash hicksploitation classic Swamp Girl, starring Ferlin Husky and Claude King, and featuring Simone Griffeth (Death Rac...