Claude Miles

Claude Miles Filmography

movie 2014 50 to 1 as Stable Hand
movie 2014 Back in the Day as Bachelor Party Phil
movie 2014 Architect of Chaos
movie 2013 Almost Ruined as Detective Gray
movie 2013 Biscuit as Zed
tv movie 2013 Black Friday as The Singer
movie 2013 Flying Saucers Over Fetishland as Scott
movie 2013 Game On as Zed Magic
movie 2013 Into the Realm as Zed Magic
movie 2013 Nexus Vegas as Zed Magic
movie 2013 Olympus Has Fallen as Secret Service Agent
movie 2013 Servant of Light as Zed
movie 2013 Speed Date as Zed Magic
movie 2013 Temporally Yours: Or Paradox Lost as Sergeant D. J. Bunny
movie 2013 The Council of Veda as Zed
movie 2013 The Mayor as Zed
movie 2013 The Zombie Movie as Jerry Williams
movie 2013 We Are Balance as Hyde Seacrest
movie 2013 Hi-8 (Horror Independent 8)
movie 2013 The Horror
movie 2012 Happy Clown as Vegetable
movie 2012 Mountain Mafia as Bobby
movie 2012 Nightmare Fuel as Speak Freak
movie 2012 The Hobbin Stone: Part One as Kat Nip Perry the Cruel
movie 2012 The Killbillies as Nicholas 'The Crimson Killer' Abrams
tv series 2012 The Beards
movie 2011 Breakfast Impossible: Series One as Cee Law Dee
movie 2011 Bunker of Blood as Col. Rogers
movie 2011 Cow Tippers from Outer Space as Scientist
video movie 2011 Deadly Dares: Truth or Dare Part IV as Charley Bowles
movie 2011 Paradise as Shadow
movie 2011 Red River as Pentecostal Church Member
movie 2011 Saucer Sex Peep Show as Dr. Bonilla Burrows
movie 2011 Swordbearer as Kel Warrior
movie 2011 Zombies R Friends as Ben
movie 2011 Sam Gets a Divorce
tv series 2011 Pillheadz
video movie 2010 Flying Saucer Sexodus as Richard III
movie 2010 Major Power and the Robot from Saturn as Dark Dominator
movie 2010 Monster Zappers as Mike
movie 2010 Queen of the Cursed World as Political Minded Stoner
movie 2010 Santa Claus Versus the Zombies as Phil
movie 2010 Secretariat as Upperclass Belmont Extra
movie 2010 Star Trek Alpha Strike as Dr. Fain
movie 2010 Steampunk as Hennison
movie 2010 The Guardian as Theater Patron
movie 2010 The Last Temptation of Fluffy as Drone Brockman
movie 2010 To Fly
movie 2010 Trouser Snake as The Doctor
movie 2010 Zombie Hombre as Spiritual Advisor to the President
tv series 2010 Astro Space Hero as Dr. Bitberger
movie 2009 C.R.Y. The Video Diary of Calvin Ray Young as Wheelchair bound victim
video movie 2009 Cornball Classics as Omlet - Romero - Catapillar
movie 2009 Halloween Homecoming as Detective Daniels
movie 2009 Hell House as Haunted House Worker
movie 2009 Saucer Sex from Beyond as D. Bonilla Burrows
movie 2009 The Price of Power: William Goebel the Man and the Myth as Caleb Powers
video movie 2009 Trepan as Taylor
movie 2007 Stash
video movie 2006 Murderer as Unseen Warden
tv series 1995 The Hot Plate: The Seiko Theory as Shane
tv movie 1986 Doctor Who: Revelations as The 9th Doctor

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