Cleo Ridgely

Cleo Ridgely (May 12, 1893 - August 18, 1962) was a star of silent and sound motion pictures, whose career began early in the silent film era, in 1911. Her acting career continued for forty years. She retired in the 1930s but returned to make more movies. Her final film was Hollywood Story (1951), in which she had a bit part. She was a native of New York, New York. ... more on Wikipedia

Cleo Ridgely Filmography

movie 1951 Hollywood Story
movie 1948 I Remember Mama as Schoolteacher
movie 1942 Born to Sing
movie 1938 Juvenile Court
movie 1937 A Damsel in Distress as Bit Role
movie 1922 Dangerous Pastime as Mrs. Stowell
movie 1922 Sleepwalker as Mrs. Langley
movie 1922 The Beautiful and Damned
movie 1922 The Forgotten Law as Margaret
movie 1922 The Law and the Woman as Clara Foster
movie 1920 Occasionally Yours as A Gossip
movie 1916 Joan the Woman as The king's favorite
movie 1916 The House with the Golden Windows as Sue Wells
movie 1916 The Love Mask as Kate Kenner
movie 1916 The Selfish Woman as Alice Hale Morley
movie 1916 The Victoria Cross as Joan Strathallen
movie 1916 The Victory of Conscience as Rosette Burgod
movie 1916 The Yellow Pawn as Kate Turner
movie 1915 Following a Clue as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 Jared Fairfax's Millions as Molly Moran - a Crook
movie 1915 Mike Donegal's Escape as Jean - The Girl Detective
movie 1915 Old Isaacson's Diamonds as Queenie
movie 1915 Scotty Weed's Alibi as Jean - The Girl Detective
movie 1915 Stolen Goods as Helen North
movie 1915 The Affair of the Deserted House as Kate - Rumson's Daughter
movie 1915 The Apartment House Mystery as Mrs. Rodger Hastings
movie 1915 The Chorus Lady as Patricia O'Brian
movie 1915 The Diamond Broker as Jean - The Girl Detective
movie 1915 The Disappearance of Harry Warrington as Olga
movie 1915 The Fighting Hope as Rose Fanchon
movie 1915 The Girl Detective as Jean - The Girl Detective
movie 1915 The Golden Chance as Mary Denby
movie 1915 The Marriage of Kitty as Helen de Semiano
movie 1915 The Mystery of the Tea Dansant as Marguerite Wheeler
movie 1915 The Puppet Crown as Duchess Sylvia
movie 1915 The Secret Orchard as Cora May
movie 1915 The Tattooed Hand as Jean - The Girl Detective
movie 1915 The Thumb Prints on the Safe as Jean - The Girl Detective
movie 1915 The Tragedy of Bear Mountain as Della Wayne - the Prospector's Daughter
movie 1915 The Trap Door as Jean - The Girl Detective
movie 1915 The Voice from the Taxi as Jean - the Girl Detective
movie 1915 The Writing on the Wall as Jean - The Girl Detective
movie 1914 Captured by Mexicans as Cleo Ridgley
movie 1914 Micky Flynn's Escapade as Rose - Mickey's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Barrier of Ignorance as Jess Ferris - the Daughter
movie 1914 The Bond Eternal as Mrs. King
movie 1914 The Fatal Opal as The Maid
movie 1914 The Invisible Power as Mabel Whitney
movie 1914 The Potter and the Clay as Dorothy Trent - the Daughter
movie 1914 The Primitive Instinct as The Primitive Man's Mate
movie 1914 The Quicksands as Gladys Fields - the Daughter
movie 1914 The Rajah's Vow as Maid to the Majarajah
movie 1914 The Smugglers of Lone Isle as Jeannette Luther - George's Wife
movie 1914 The Spoilers as Undetermined Role
movie 1912 Beauty and the Beast as Cleo - Beauty
movie 1912 Faraway Fields as The Younger Sister
movie 1912 Leaves in the Storm
movie 1912 The Greater Love as The Other Woman
movie 1912 The Power of Thought as Cleo - The Maid's Sister
movie 1912 The Price of Money
movie 1912 The Troubadour's Triumph as Lady Lilitha - the Duchess
movie 1912 The Weight of a Feather as Cleo - the Milliner's Apprentice
movie 1911 A Cowboy's Love as Cleo Graham
movie 1911 Git a Hoss! as Mary Conway
movie 1911 His Exoneration as Marjorie
movie 1911 Saints and Sinners as The Giddy Wife
movie 1911 The Gambler's Influence as Elsie Nugent - Jack's Sweetheart
movie 1911 The Return as Betty Blair
movie 1911 The Working Girl's Success as Nellie

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