Cliff Clark

Cliff Clark Filmography

movie 1953 Here Come the Girls as Hackenschmidt - Cabbie
movie 1953 Houdini as Barker
movie 1953 South Sea Woman as Lt. Col. Parker
movie 1953 The War of the Worlds as Australian Policeman
movie 1952 Carrie as Policeman
movie 1952 Cripple Creek as Winfield Hatton
movie 1952 Francis Goes to West Point as Officer Baker
movie 1952 High Noon as Ed Weaver
movie 1952 Hurricane Smith as Australian Policeman
movie 1952 It Grows on Trees as Police Desk Sergeant Reilly
movie 1952 My Man and I as Bit Role
movie 1952 Phone Call from a Stranger as Watchman
movie 1952 Scandal Sheet as Doc O'Hanlon
movie 1952 Sky Full of Moon as Agent at Train Stop
movie 1952 The Big Sky as Jailer
movie 1952 The Pride of St. Louis as Pittsburgh Coach
movie 1952 The Sellout as Andy - Police Chief
movie 1952 The Sniper as Chief of Police
movie 1952 Toughest Man in Arizona as Nathan Barlack
movie 1951 Cavalry Scout as Col. Deering
movie 1951 Desert of Lost Men as Carl Landers
movie 1951 Joe Palooka in Triple Cross as Sheriff Malin
movie 1951 Mr. Imperium as Restaurant Proprietor
movie 1951 My Forbidden Past as Horse Vendor
movie 1951 Operation Pacific as Commander, SUBPAC
movie 1951 Overland Telegraph as Terence Muldoon
movie 1951 Saddle Legion as Fred Warren
movie 1951 Silver City as Bartender
movie 1951 Sugarfoot as Rancher
movie 1951 The Great Missouri Raid as Railroad Engineer
movie 1951 Warpath as Bartender
movie 1950 Ambush as Capt. Harcourt
movie 1950 Blondie's Hero as Police Officer
movie 1950 Desperadoes of the West as Colonel Arnold
movie 1950 Rookie Fireman as Captain Mack Connors
movie 1950 Southside 1-1000 as Deane's Guard on Train
movie 1950 The Big Hangover as Albert Johnson
movie 1950 The Cariboo Trail as Assayer
movie 1950 The Fuller Brush Girl as Ship Captain
movie 1950 The Gunfighter as Jerry Marlowe
movie 1950 The Men as Dr. Kameran
movie 1950 The Second Woman as Police Sergeant
movie 1950 The Secret Fury as Police Capt. Arnold
movie 1950 The Sound of Fury as Sheriff Demig
movie 1950 The Sun Sets at Dawn as Executioner
movie 1950 Vigilante Hideout as Howard Sanders
movie 1949 Any Number Can Play as Gas Station Attendant
movie 1949 Fighting Man of the Plains as Harry Travers
movie 1949 Flaming Fury as Fire Engineer Robby Rollins
movie 1949 Home of the Brave as Colonel Baker
movie 1949 Homicide as Capt. Mooney
movie 1949 Mighty Joe Young as McManus - Police Guard Moran
movie 1949 Miss Grant Takes Richmond as Construction Materials Contractor
movie 1949 Post Office Investigator as Inspector Delany
movie 1949 Powder River Rustlers as Lucius Statton
movie 1949 Roseanna McCoy as Sideshow Barker
movie 1949 Shockproof as Mac - Police Lieutenant
movie 1949 The Crime Doctor's Diary as Police Insp. John D. Manning
movie 1949 The Stratton Story as Josh Higgins
movie 1949 Two Knights from Brooklyn as Detective Jim
movie 1948 A Southern Yankee as Confederate Doctor
movie 1948 Adventures of Gallant Bess as Sheriff
movie 1948 Albuquerque as John Armin's Clerk
movie 1948 Alias a Gentleman as The Warden
movie 1948 Borrowed Trouble as Dink Davis
movie 1948 Deep Waters as Harris
movie 1948 Embraceable You as Honest Peterson
movie 1948 False Paradise as Banker Gerald Waite
movie 1948 Flat Feat
movie 1948 Force of Evil as Police Lieutenant
movie 1948 Fort Apache as Stage Driver
movie 1948 Good Sam as Probation Officer
movie 1948 Hollow Triumph as Motorist
movie 1948 I, Jane Doe as City Editor
movie 1948 In This Corner as CPO Mike Burke
movie 1948 Jiggs and Maggie in Court as Judge Wilson
movie 1948 Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House as Jones
movie 1948 Raw Deal as Gates
movie 1948 Smart Woman as Police Captain
movie 1948 Sorry, Wrong Number as Police Sergeant Duffy
movie 1948 The Babe Ruth Story as St. Louis Manager
movie 1948 The Big Punch as Bartender George
movie 1948 The Fuller Brush Man as Cop in Park
movie 1948 The Snake Pit as Shooting Gallery Proprietor
movie 1948 Trouble Makers as Police Captain Madison
movie 1947 Buck Privates Come Home as Quentin
movie 1947 Bury Me Dead as Archer, Detective
movie 1947 Cass Timberlane as Humbert Bellile
movie 1947 Her Husband's Affairs as Gus
movie 1947 It Had to Be You as Fire Chief
movie 1947 Lost Honeymoon as Police Sergeant
movie 1947 Mr. District Attorney as Police Captain Lambert
movie 1947 Philo Vance's Gamble as Inspector Walsh
movie 1947 Roses Are Red as Police Capt. Sharkey
movie 1947 The Corpse Came C.O.D. as City Editor Emmett Willard
movie 1947 The Thirteenth Hour as Police Capt. Linfield
movie 1945 Escape in the Desert as Charlie, Gas Truck Driver
movie 1944 Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble as Officer Shay
movie 1944 Barbary Coast Gent as Jack Coda
movie 1944 Bride by Mistake as Navy Captain
movie 1944 In the Meantime, Darling as Col. Corkery
movie 1944 Maisie Goes to Reno as Police Captain
movie 1944 Marine Raiders as Maj. Gen. Rider, Guadalcanal Marine Commander
movie 1944 Nothing But Trouble as Police Sergeant
movie 1944 Once Upon a Time as Radio Car Cop
movie 1944 Song of the Open Road as Mr. Evans
movie 1944 The Falcon Out West as Inspector Timothy Donovan
movie 1944 The Missing Juror as Inspector Davis
movie 1943 Destination Tokyo as Hornet's Admiral
movie 1943 Destroyer as Commandant
movie 1943 Keep 'Em Slugging as Macklin
movie 1943 Ladies' Day as Dan Hannigan, Sox Manager
movie 1943 Petticoat Larceny as Lieutenant Hackett
movie 1943 Slightly Dangerous as Detective
movie 1943 Something to Shout About as Desk Sergeant
movie 1943 Taxi, Mister as Police Chief Jim
movie 1943 The Falcon and the Co-eds as Inspector Timothy Donovan
movie 1943 The Falcon in Danger as Insp. Timothy Donovan
movie 1943 The Falcon Strikes Back as Inspector Timothy Donovan
movie 1943 There's Something About a Soldier as City Editor
movie 1942 A Yank on the Burma Road as Police Lieutenant
movie 1942 Army Surgeon as Ship Captain
movie 1942 Blue, White and Perfect as Inspector Peterson
movie 1942 Butch Minds the Baby as Police Captain
movie 1942 Fingers at the Window as Lieutenant Allison
movie 1942 Henry Aldrich, Editor as Fire Chief
movie 1942 Highways by Night as Police Captain James
movie 1942 Jail House Blues as Warden Boswell
movie 1942 Joe Smith, American as Police Captain
movie 1942 Kid Glove Killer as Captain Lynch
movie 1942 Madame Spy as Inspector Varden
movie 1942 Mokey as Mr. Graham
movie 1942 Phantom Killer as Tim
movie 1942 Secret Enemies as Detective Capt. Jarrett
movie 1942 Street of Chance as Policeman Ryan
movie 1942 Tennessee Johnson as Delegate with Badge
movie 1942 The Big Shot as Police Captain
movie 1942 The Falcon's Brother as Inspector Timothy Donovan
movie 1942 The Mummy's Tomb as Sheriff
movie 1942 True to the Army as Circus Barker
movie 1942 USS VD: Ship of Shame as Margaret's Doctor
movie 1942 Who Is Hope Schuyler? as Lt. Palmer
movie 1942 Wild Bill Hickok Rides as Vic Kersey
movie 1941 Babes on Broadway as Inspector Moriarity
movie 1941 Blondie in Society as Chief of Police
movie 1941 Dangerously They Live as Sheriff John Dill
movie 1941 For Beauty's Sake as Lt. Doleman
movie 1941 Golden Hoofs as Booth
movie 1941 Honky Tonk as Dr. Otis
movie 1941 Law of the Tropics as Bartender
movie 1941 Manpower as Cully
movie 1941 Mob Town as Captain Harrington - Police Chief
movie 1941 Nine Lives Are Not Enough as Lieutenant Buckley
movie 1941 Strange Alibi as Police Capt. Reddick
movie 1941 The Sea Wolf as First Detective
movie 1941 The Trial of Mary Dugan as John Dugan
movie 1941 The Wagons Roll at Night as Doc
movie 1941 Thieves Fall Out as Policeman
movie 1941 Washington Melodrama as 'Simp' Simpson
movie 1941 Western Union as Sheriff
movie 1940 A Dispatch from Reuter's as Reporter
movie 1940 A Fugitive from Justice as Police Captain
movie 1940 Black Diamonds as Archie Connor
movie 1940 Brother Rat and a Baby as Police Captain
movie 1940 Castle on the Hudson as Prison Guard Sergeant
movie 1940 Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise as Lt. Wilson
movie 1940 Cross-Country Romance as Police Capt. G.G. Burke
movie 1940 Double Alibi as Insp. Early
movie 1940 Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet as Haupt
movie 1940 Florian as Detective Joe
movie 1940 Flowing Gold as Oil Well Shares Seller
movie 1940 Honeymoon Deferred as Police Insp. Mathews
movie 1940 Jack Pot as Police Chief James Hollister
movie 1940 Knute Rockne All American as Danny - Post Office Paymaster
movie 1940 Maryland as Sheriff
movie 1940 Murder in the Air as Police Chief at Morgue
movie 1940 Santa Fe Trail as Instructor
movie 1940 Stranger on the Third Floor as Martin
movie 1940 The Grapes of Wrath as City Man
movie 1940 The Man Who Wouldn't Talk as Ryan
movie 1940 Three Cheers for the Irish as Policeman Mara
movie 1940 Wagon Train as Matt Gardner
movie 1940 Women Without Names as Pete
movie 1940 You're Not So Tough as Sheriff Griswold
movie 1939 Call a Messenger as Sgt. Harrison
movie 1939 Calling Dr. Kildare as Detective Flaherty
movie 1939 Chicken Wagon Family as Horse Auctioneer
movie 1939 Dust Be My Destiny as First Detective
movie 1939 Fast and Furious as Sam Travers
movie 1939 Help Wanted as McGuinness
movie 1939 Henry Goes Arizona as Theatrical Agent V. B. Carmady
movie 1939 Honolulu as First Detective
movie 1939 Inside Story as Collins
movie 1939 Invisible Stripes as Police Sergeant
movie 1939 It's a Wonderful World as Captain Haggerty
movie 1939 Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President as Garage Owner
movie 1939 Judge Hardy and Son as Officer Dan O'Shea
movie 1939 Miracles for Sale as Inspector Gavigan
movie 1939 Missing Evidence as Allen Jennings
movie 1939 Slightly Honorable as Capt. Graves
movie 1939 They Made Me a Criminal as Manager
movie 1939 Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite as Mike Kelly
movie 1939 Within the Law as McGuire
movie 1939 Young Mr. Lincoln as Sheriff Gil Billings
movie 1938 Cocoanut Grove as Auctioneer
movie 1938 Daredevil Drivers as Mr. McAullife
movie 1938 He Couldn't Say No as Auctioneer
movie 1938 Kentucky as Tom Melish
movie 1938 Mr. Moto's Gamble as McGuire
movie 1938 Speed to Burn as Auctioneer
movie 1938 The Crowd Roars as George James
movie 1938 The Patient in Room 18 as Inspector Foley
movie 1938 Time Out for Murder as Det. Capt. Collins
movie 1938 Up the River as Warden Fowler
movie 1938 While New York Sleeps as Police Insp. Cliff Collins
movie 1937 Mountain Music as Pretty Panther Medicine Show Proprietor

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Vocals: Peter Stenberg Guitar: Thomas Weise Bass: Jesper Møller Drums: René Kristiansen.