Colin Clive

Colin Clive (20 January 1900 ? 25 June 1937) was a British stage and screen actor best remembered for his portrayal of Dr. Frankenstein in James Whale's two Universal Frankenstein films Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. ... more on Wikipedia

Colin Clive Filmography

movie 1998 Bride of Chucky as Clips from 'Bride of Frankenstein'
tv movie 1998 Universal Horror
video movie 1996 100 Years of Horror: Frankenstein's Friends as Himself - Actor - 'Frankenstein'
tv movie 1994 It's Alive: The True Story of Frankenstein as Henry Frankenstein
video movie 1992 Commercial Entertainment Product as Dr. Henry Frankenstein
movie 1991 Frankenstein: A Cinematic Scrapbook as Dr. Henry Frankenstein
movie 1979 The Horror Show
movie 1942 The Ghost of Frankenstein as Dr. Henry Frankenstein
movie 1937 History Is Made at Night as Bruce Vail
movie 1937 The Woman I Love as Capt. Thelis
movie 1935 Bride of Frankenstein as Henry Frankenstein
movie 1935 Clive of India as Capt. Johnstone
movie 1935 Mad Love as Stephen Orlac
movie 1935 The Girl from 10th Avenue as John Marland
movie 1935 The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo as Bertrand Berkeley
movie 1935 The Right to Live as Maurice Trent
movie 1935 The Widow from Monte Carlo as Lord Eric Reynolds
movie 1934 Jane Eyre as Edward Rochester
movie 1934 One More River as Sir Gerald Corven
movie 1934 The Key as Capt. Andrew 'Andy' Kerr
movie 1933 Christopher Strong as Sir Christopher Strong
movie 1933 Looking Forward as Geoffrey Fielding
movie 1932 Lily Christine as Rupert Harvey
movie 1931 Frankenstein as Henry Frankenstein
movie 1931 The Stronger Sex as Warren Barrington
movie 1930 Journey's End as Capt. Denis Stanhope

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Trailer for the 1934 screen drama, THE KEY, starring William Powell, Colin Clive and.

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