Colin Hives

Colin Hives Filmography

movie 2013 Clarissa for Hire
movie 2013 Fair Enough
video movie 2013 Get Away
movie 2013 One for the Road
movie 2013 Out of the Box
movie 2013 The Adopted
movie 2012 A Dull Boy
movie 2012 Before & After
movie 2012 Crossing the Line
movie 2012 Mr. Write
movie 2012 No Man's Land
movie 2012 One Bad Move
movie 2012 Same Old Same Old
movie 2012 The Audition
tv series 2012 Tangled Tales
movie 2011 Forget Carter
movie 2011 Apart of Me
movie 2011 The Brow
movie 2011 The Price You Pay
movie 2010 The Killing Kind
movie 2009 Jimmy Wilde
movie 2009 Redial
tv series 2009 Bobby Fitzpatrick
movie 2008 Clock Edd
movie 2008 Now & Forever
movie 2008 P.O.V.
movie 2007 Scope Noir
movie 2004 Blind Trust
movie 2004 Hit & Miss
movie 2004 Obsessive
movie 2004 Out for the Count
movie 2004 Souled Down the River
tv movie 2003 Housebound
movie 2003 The Final Act

Colin Hives on Youtube

Trailer for Shivillenco Media's One For The Road Starring Suzanne Roche & Hamish Sturgeon Produced by Ian Rigby Written & Directed by Colin Hives.

An insight into a short film directed by Colin Hives and filmed in Broadgreen International School.

Recorded Saturday 1st August 2009 Composed, Performed & Produced by Colin Hives From my "Calmness Is Not An Option" Album.

Starring Suzanne Roche & Hamish Sturgeon Music by Tony Longworth Produced by Ian Rigby Written & Directed by Colin Hives.