Colleen Brennan

Colleen Brennan (born December 11, 1949), also known by other aliases such as Sharon Kelly, is an American porn actress and member of the XRCO Hall of Fame. ... more on Wikipedia

Colleen Brennan Filmography

tv movie 2012 Killer Teens
video movie 2004 Lesbian Bra Busters of the 1980's
movie 1990 Nasty Girls 2
video movie 1990 Red on the Noodle Like a Swance on a Poodle
movie 1989 Le sex de femme 4
movie 1989 Sulka's Daughter
movie 1989 Up Up and Away as Woman Trying on Lingerie
movie 1988 China and Silk as Nancy Shaw
video movie 1988 Girls Who Dig Girls 8
movie 1988 Little Red Riding Hood as Pub Patron
video movie 1988 Only the Best of Oral
video movie 1988 Rear Busters
video movie 1988 Screaming Rage
movie 1988 Some Kind of Woman as Kitty
movie 1988 Taste of the Best
movie 1987 An Unnatural Act, Part II as Madame Lola
video movie 1987 Club Ecstasy as Gayle
video movie 1987 Girls Who Love to Suck
video movie 1987 Lady by Night
movie 1987 Leather and Lace
video movie 1987 Legends of Porn
movie 1987 Love Champions
movie 1987 Raw Talent II as Carolyn
movie 1987 Slammer Girls as Professor
movie 1987 Street Heat as Kay McDonald
movie 1987 Striptease
video movie 1986 All for His Ladies
video movie 1986 Down & Dirty in Beverly Hills as The Mother
movie 1986 Famous Ta-Tas
movie 1986 I Wanna Be a Bad Girl
video movie 1986 Innocent Taboo as Laura Anderson
video movie 1986 Secret Mistress as Liza
movie 1986 Sex Game
video movie 1986 She Loves... The Four-X Feeling
movie 1986 Star Angel as Kate Fredericks
movie 1986 Taboo III as Groupie 2
video movie 1986 Taboo V as Mother
video movie 1986 The Red Garter
movie 1986 Trinity Brown as Trinity Brown
video movie 1985 69 Park Avenue as Madam
movie 1985 A Coming of Angels: 'The Sequel' as Senator's wife
video movie 1985 A Night for Legends: First Annual XRCO Adult Film Awards as Herself - Hostess
video movie 1985 Bedtime Tales as Miss Cummings
movie 1985 Beverly Hills Exposed as Tanya Towns
movie 1985 Blondie as Millie
movie 1985 Candy Stripers Part II
movie 1985 Coming Together as Tracy
video movie 1985 Country Girl as Lorraine
video movie 1985 Dirty Shary as Madame
video movie 1985 Electric Blue 31 as Debbie
movie 1985 Family Secrets
movie 1985 Flesh and Bullets
video movie 1985 Flesh and Ecstasy as Aunt
movie 1985 Getting Personal as Wanda
movie 1985 Hot Blooded as His Wife
movie 1985 Love Champions
video movie 1985 Mother's Pride as Mom
movie 1985 Nice n' Tight as Sally Thompson
video movie 1985 Perfect Fit as Mrs. Green
movie 1985 Sex Crimes 2084 as Mrs. Morse
movie 1985 Sex-a-vision as Waitress
movie 1985 Sexorama
movie 1985 Squalor Motel as Miss Clark
movie 1985 Swedish Erotica 59
movie 1985 Talk Dirty to Me One More Time
video movie 1985 The Animal in Me as Maggie Halliday
video movie 1985 The Initiation of Cynthia
movie 1985 The Ribald Tales of Canterbury as Lady of Bath
movie 1985 Tower of Power as Lilly
movie 1985 Voyeur's Delight
video movie 1985 Wet, Wild & Wicked
movie 1984 Cathouse Fever as Becky's Thoughts
movie 1984 Cummin' Alive
video movie 1984 Daisy Chain
movie 1984 Dirty Girls as Colleen
video movie 1984 Girls of the Night as Janice
movie 1984 Good Girls, Bad Girls as Velva
video movie 1984 Little Kimmi Johnson as Kimmi's Mother
movie 1984 Maid in Manhattan as Jeanette Rawlings
movie 1984 Matinee Idol as Ginger
movie 1984 One Night at a Time as Maggie
movie 1984 Scared Stiff as Ginger #2
movie 1984 Six Faces of Samantha
video movie 1984 Suzy's Birthday Bang as Aunt Edwina
movie 1984 Talk Dirty to Me Part III as Sylvia
movie 1983 Computer Girls as Amy
movie 1983 Corrupt Desires as Terri
movie 1983 Eighth Erotic Film Festifal
movie 1983 Home Movies Ltd. 2
movie 1983 Lady Dynamite as Wife
movie 1983 Love Roots
movie 1981 S.O.B. as Tammy Taylor
movie 1976 Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks as Nora Edward
movie 1976 Love Games as Lucy Brown
movie 1975 Alias Big Cherry
movie 1975 Around the World with John 'The Wadd' Holmes as Shirley
movie 1975 Delinquent School Girls as Greta Anderson
movie 1975 Hustle as Gloria Hollinger
movie 1975 Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS as Redheaded Prisoner
movie 1975 Mafia Girls as Louise Tyler
movie 1975 Shampoo as Painted Lady
movie 1975 Supervixens as SuperCherry
movie 1975 Teenage Bride as Marie
movie 1975 The Boob Tube as Selena
movie 1974 Alice Goodbody as Alice Goodbody
movie 1974 Foxy Brown as Hooker
movie 1974 Shikij├┤ Toruko nikki
movie 1974 The Beauties and the Beast as Redhead in Cave
movie 1974 Young Secretaries as Caroline
movie 1973 A Scream in the Streets as Jenny the Dispatcher
movie 1973 Invasion of the Bee Girls as Nude Bee Girl on Motorcycle
movie 1973 Little Cigars as Stripper #3
movie 1973 Sassy Sue as Dolly Lee
movie 1973 The Dirty Dolls as Shelly
movie 1973 The Dirty Mind of Young Sally as Sally

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Jamie Gillis and Colleen Brennan in Trinity Brown

My VHS recording from this Movie. I do not own the copyrights for this movie and if any problems with scenes or copyright,then please contact me and i can re...

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Colleen Brennan With her fiery scarlet hair, pretty round freckled face, awesomely ample, buxom and shapely figure, and infectiousl...