Colm Feore

Colm Joseph Feore (born August 22, 1958) is a Gemini Award-winning American and Canadian stage, film and television actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Colm Feore Filmography

movie 2014 Higher Power as Control
movie 2014 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit as Rob Behringer
movie 2014 Painkillers as Dr. Troutman
movie 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Donald Menken
tv movie 2013 House of Versace as Santo Versace
movie 2011 French Immersion as Michael Pontifikator
movie 2011 Thor as King Laufey
movie 2010 Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague as Himself - Narrator
movie 2010 Voodoo as The Narrator
video movie 2009 Changeling - Partners in Crime: Bringing Changeling to the Screen as Himself
video movie 2009 Partners in Crime: Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie as Himself
movie 2009 The Trotsky as Principal Berkhoff
tv movie 2008 24 as Henry Taylor
movie 2008 Changeling as Chief James E. Davis
movie 2008 Facing Champlain: A Work in 3 Dimensions as Samuel de Champlain
movie 2008 Inconceivable as Dr. Jackson Charles 'Jack' Freeman
movie 2008 Le piège américain as Maurice Bishop
movie 2008 Serveuses demandées as Sergeant Connor
video movie 2008 Silo: Sage of the Andes
movie 2008 Six Reasons Why as The Preacher
movie 2008 Vida Y Danza Cuba - Life & Dance as Narrator
video movie 2008 WarGames: The Dead Code as T. Kenneth Hassert
video movie 2008 Zombies: When the Dead Walk
video movie 2007 Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666
tv movie 2007 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee as General Sherman
movie 2007 Hamlet (Solo) as Himself - Interviewee
movie 2007 Intervention as Bill
tv movie 2007 Judy's Got a Gun as Captain Ruttgauer
movie 2007 Killing Zelda Sparks as Dr. Theodore Lenningrad
movie 2007 The Poet as Colonel Hass
movie 2006 Bon Cop, Bad Cop as Martin Ward
tv movie 2005 Burnt Toast as Dave
movie 2005 Heidi as Mr. Sesseman
tv movie 2005 Lies My Mother Told Me as Lucas Mackenzie
movie 2005 The Deal as Hank Weiss
movie 2005 The Exorcism of Emily Rose as Karl Gunderson
tv series 2005 Empire as Caesar
tv movie 2004 From Hong Kong to Hollywood: The Making of John Woo as Himself
movie 2004 Highwaymen as Fargo
tv movie 2004 Remembering the Future: Paycheck & the Worlds of Philip K. Dick as Himself
tv movie 2004 Sci-Fi Channel: The Lowdown - The Chronicles of Riddick as Lord Marshal
movie 2004 The Chronicles of Riddick as Lord Marshal
tv movie 2004 Weird Sex and Snowshoes: A Trek Through the Canadian Cinematic Psyche as Auctioneer
tv movie 2003 And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself as D.W. Griffith
movie 2003 National Security as Detective Frank McDuff
movie 2003 Paycheck as Wolfe
movie 2002 Chicago as DA Martin Harrison
movie 2002 Ignition as Gen. Joel MacAteer
tv movie 2002 Point of Origin as Mike Matassa
tv movie 2002 Sins of the Father as Dalton Strong
movie 2002 The Baroness and the Pig as The Baron
movie 2002 The Sum of All Fears as Olson
tv movie 2002 Trudeau as Pierre Elliott Trudeau
tv series 2002 Benjamin Franklin as Narrator
movie 2001 Century Hotel as Sebastian
tv movie 2001 Final Jeopardy as Paul Battaglia
tv movie 2001 Haven as Bruno
movie 2001 Lola as Mike
movie 2001 Pearl Harbor as Adm. Husband E. Kimmel
tv movie 2001 The Big Show as Narrator
movie 2001 The Caveman's Valentine as Leppenraub
tv movie 2001 The Day Reagan Was Shot as Caspar Weinberger
tv movie 2000 Mars on Earth: Preparing for Life on the Red Planet as Narrator
video movie 2000 The Making of 'Titus' as Himself
movie 2000 The Perfect Son as Ryan Taylor
tv movie 2000 The Virginian as Trampas
movie 2000 Thomas and the Magic Railroad as Toby
tv movie 2000 Trapped in a Purple Haze as Ed Hanson
tv series 2000 Foreign Objects as Tibor
tv series 2000 Nuremberg as Rudolf Höß
tv movie 1999 Forget Me Never as Albert
movie 1999 Striking Poses as Linus
movie 1999 The Insider as Richard Scruggs
movie 1999 Titus as Marcus Andronicus
movie 1998 Airborne as Ron Simpson
movie 1998 City of Angels as Jordan Ferris
tv movie 1998 Creature as Adm. Aaron Richland
movie 1998 Le violon rouge as Auctioneer
tv movie 1998 The Escape as Hickman
movie 1998 The Herd as Erling Porsild
movie 1998 The Lesser Evil as Derek Eastman
tv movie 1997 Artemisia as Agostino Tassi
movie 1997 Critical Care as Richard Wilson
movie 1997 Face/Off as Dr. Malcolm Walsh
tv movie 1997 Hostile Waters as Pshenishny
movie 1997 Louisbourg Under Siege as Narrator
tv movie 1997 Night Sins as Deacon Albert Fletcher
movie 1997 The Wrong Guy as The Killer
movie 1996 Night Falls on Manhattan as Elihu Harrison
movie 1996 The Boor as Gruzdev
tv movie 1995 Friends at Last as Phillip Connelyn
movie 1995 The Champagne Safari as Narrator
tv movie 1995 Truman as Charlie Ross
tv movie 1995 Where's the Money, Noreen? as Kevin Hanover
tv movie 1994 The Spider and the Fly as Detective Evan Taylor
tv movie 1993 Romeo & Juliet as Mercutio
movie 1993 Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould as Glenn Gould
movie 1990 Beautiful Dreamers as Dr. Maurice Bucke
movie 1990 Bethune: The Making of a Hero as Chester Rice
tv movie 1990 Personals
tv movie 1988 Blades of Courage as Bruce Gainor
movie 1988 Iron Eagle II as Yuri Lebanov
tv movie 1988 The Taming of the Shrew as Petruchio
movie 1987 A Nest of Singing Birds as Michael Jimson
tv movie 1986 The Boys from Syracuse as Antipholus of Ephesus
tv movie 1982 The Taming of the Shrew as Tranio

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Actor Colm Feore was in the red chair to talk about his career, his Earle Grey Award and his next project... King Lear. George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight airs... A biography of the famous, controversial and flamboyant Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.