Coralie Filmography

video movie 2012 The True History of Fashion Sluts
movie 2011 Bye Bye Blondie as La gothique
tv movie 2009 Mutantes as Herself - Interviewee
video movie 2006 Made in Caro
video movie 2002 100% Blowjobs 4
video movie 2002 100% Blowjobs 8
video movie 2000 Entre femmes
video movie 2000 Harcèlement au féminin
video movie 2000 Inferno
video movie 2000 Pure Masturbations
video movie 2000 Pure Sex: Episode Two
movie 2000 Baise-moi
video movie 1999 Hotdorix as Coralie la romaine
video movie 1999 Le principe de plaisir
video movie 1999 Pure Sex
video movie 1998 Amsterdam/Paris Connection
video movie 1998 An American Girl in Paris
movie 1998 Déjà mort as Porn actress
tv movie 1998 Exercice of Steel
movie 1998 Exhibition 99
video movie 1998 Fuga dall'Albania as Francesco's mother
movie 1998 Sodomites as Sodoma
movie 1998 Sombre as La première femme
movie 1998 Terror of Prehistoric Bloody Monster from Space
video movie 1998 The Best by Private 7: Pure Anal as Herself
video movie 1997 Cunt Sucking Sluts 5
video movie 1997 Cyberix
video movie 1997 Eurotica 13
video movie 1997 Hienie's Heroes
video movie 1997 L'indécente aux enfers
video movie 1997 La maledizione del castello
video movie 1997 Les nuits de la présidente
movie 1997 Paris Chic
video movie 1997 Sextet
video movie 1996 Eurotica 2
video movie 1996 La princesse et la pute as Blue Pussy Fuck Girl
video movie 1996 La princesse et la pute 2 as Whore Helga
movie 1996 Le coeur fantôme
video movie 1996 Le désir dans la peau
movie 1996 Parfait amour! as Bénédicte
movie 1995 En avoir (ou pas) as Hooker
video movie 1995 Fashion Sluts as Herself
video movie 1995 Joe's Wild World
video movie 1995 Triple X 2
video movie 1995 Triple X 3
video movie 1995 World Sex Tour 1
video movie 1995 World Sex Tour 2: France as Coralie

Coralie on Youtube

Trailer of the short film COPY OF CORALIE by Nicolas Engel. COPY OF CORALIE was screened in many film festivals : Cannes (International Critic's Week), ...

"Two of Many" is the second collaboration between Coralie Merle and Mark Christoph Klee. It is the continuation of a choreographic researched that started wi...

FULLHD INNOVATION Mode FashiOn 2014 FULL HD © All rights reserved :::[[[::::::]]]:::©realsstyle - Animations 3d - Photographie - Video :::[[[::::::]]]:::© RL...

its the short film coralie (coraline 2). it was fun to make. will be on youtube soon.