Corey Norman

Corey Norman Filmography

movie 2013 Bloody Solstice
movie 2013 Dead End Street
movie 2013 Lost in the Woods
movie 2013 Natal
movie 2013 Safety & Security
movie 2013 The Hanover House
movie 2013 The Six String Strangler
movie 2013 The Wedding Cake House: Truth Behind the Myths
movie 2012 Marshmallow
movie 2012 Special Delivery
movie 2012 Super 'Stache
movie 2012 Ushers
movie 2012 Vigilance
tv series 2012 Primetime Shorts
movie 2011 Affliction
movie 2011 Every Stone in Its Place
movie 2011 Just Dating
movie 2011 Requital
movie 2011 Supposedly Dreaming
movie 2011 The Barn
movie 2011 The Darkside of Parkside
movie 2011 Time & Redemption
movie 2011 Valentine
movie 2011 You Know It!: The Ballad of Jonny Chest-Hairs (A Drunk-U-Mentary)
movie 2011 Five Bones
movie 2010 Bitten
movie 2010 Inn Season
movie 2007 Sputnik Mania

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A small town is rocked by a supernatural force that has been claiming lives for the past twenty years. Bobby senses something unsettling about the old barn h...

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i love this song thought i'd cover it .This song was written by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers for the Wildflowers album.