Cornelius Keefe

Cornelius Keefe Filmography

movie 1958 The Brain Eaters as Senator Walter K. Powers
movie 1955 Female Jungle as Capt. Kroger
movie 1953 The Vanquished
movie 1951 Gunplay as Sheriff
movie 1941 Saddlemates as Lieutenant Bob Manning
movie 1941 They Met in Bombay as Officer
movie 1939 5th Ave Girl as Tommy Hopkins
movie 1939 Stagecoach as Capt. Whitney
movie 1938 Fugitives for a Night as Gambler at Roulette Wheel
movie 1938 My Old Kentucky Home as Trent Burke
movie 1937 Oh, Doctor as Ship's Officer
movie 1937 Telephone Operator as Pat Campbell
movie 1937 The Trigger Trio as Tom Brent
movie 1937 Way Out West as Worker at Mickey Finn's
movie 1936 Missing Girls as Johnny Keefe
movie 1936 The Big Show as Studio Actor
movie 1936 The Old Corral as Martin Simms
movie 1935 Atlantic Adventure as Douglas Stanton
movie 1935 Break of Hearts as Bill - Constance's Dance Partner
movie 1935 Death from a Distance as Clay Gorman
movie 1935 Harmony Lane as Owner dunning Foster
movie 1935 Hong Kong Nights as Gil Burris
movie 1935 Kentucky Blue Streak as District Attorney Barton Pierce
movie 1935 The Informer as House Patron
movie 1935 The Whole Town's Talking as Radio Man
movie 1935 Thunder in the Night as Paul Szegedy
movie 1935 Tumbling Tumbleweeds as Harry Brooks
movie 1935 Western Courage as Eric Simpson
movie 1934 Desirable as Helen's Party Guest
movie 1934 Mystery Liner as First Officer Cliff Rogers
movie 1934 Three on a Honeymoon as Phil Lang
movie 1933 A Man of Sentiment as Dr. Jordan
movie 1933 Charlie Chan's Greatest Case as Steve Letherbee
movie 1933 Curtain at Eight as Morgan - Actor in Play
movie 1933 Don't Play Bridge with Your Wife as Edward Baker
movie 1933 Horse Play as Philip Marley
movie 1933 Lost in Limehouse as Undetermined role
movie 1933 The Last Trail as Frank Briggs, Henchman
movie 1933 The Wolf Dog as Jerry Patton
movie 1933 Tomorrow at Seven as Henderson
movie 1932 Disorderly Conduct as Stallings
movie 1932 Lady with a Past as Spaulding
movie 1932 The Engineer's Daughter; or, Iron Minnie's Revenge
movie 1932 The Silver Lining as Jerry
movie 1932 Torchy Rolls His Own
movie 1932 Torchy's Busy Day
movie 1932 Two Lips and Juleps; or, Southern Love and Northern Exposure
movie 1931 Facing the Gallows
movie 1931 The Bad Sister as New Father in Hospital
movie 1930 Ex-Flame as Keith
movie 1930 Hearts and Hoofs
movie 1930 Those Who Dance as Pat Hogan
movie 1929 Brothers as Tom Conroy
movie 1929 Circumstantial Evidence as Arthur Rowland
movie 1929 The Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City as Tom Kelly Jr.
movie 1929 The Devil's Chaplain as Yorke Norray
movie 1928 Hearts of Men as John Gaunt
movie 1928 Man from Headquarters as Yorke Norray
movie 1928 Satan and the Woman as Edward Daingerfield
movie 1928 Thanksgiving Day as Dr. Robert Hayes
movie 1928 The Adorable Cheat as George Mason
movie 1928 Thundergod as Roland Hale
movie 1928 You Can't Beat the Law as Jerry Judd
movie 1927 A Light in the Window as Bert Emmonds
movie 1927 Come to My House as Murtaugh Pell
movie 1927 Hook and Ladder No. 9 as Johnny Graham
movie 1927 In a Moment of Temptation as Martin Breen
movie 1927 The Poor Nut as Wallie Pierce
movie 1927 Three's a Crowd as The Man
movie 1925 The Unguarded Hour as Russell Van Alstyne
movie 1924 A Society Scandal as Friend of Marjorie
movie 1924 Lend Me Your Husband as Robert Towers
movie 1924 The Fifth Horseman as John Franklin
movie 1924 The Law and the Lady as Stephen Clark
movie 1924 Those Who Judge as Tom Eustace

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Starring Edwin Nelson, Alan Frost, Cornelius Keefe, David Hughes, Joanna Lee, Robert Ball, and Leonard Nimoy. Directed by Bruno VeSota.

Director: Bruno VeSota Stars: Ed Nelson, Alan Jay Factor and Cornelius Keefe Strange things are happening in Riverdale, Illinois. A huge, seemingly alien str...

Aka "The Blue Streak". A 1935 film directed by Bernard B. Ray, starring Eddie Nugent. A jockey is wrongfully framed for murder. He fights to regain his good ...

Captain Holling is relieved of command of his ship after he suffers a nervous breakdown. His replacement, Captain Downey, takes over the liner just as it is ...