Costas Mandylor

Costas Mandylor (born 3 September 1965) is an Australian actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Costas Mandylor Filmography

movie 2014 2 Bedroom 1 Bath as Frank
movie 2014 Guardian Angel as Attila
movie 2014 House of Secrets as Detective Morrison
tv movie 2014 House of Secrets as Detective Morrison
tv movie 2014 Model Citizen as Nick Anderson
movie 2014 The Best Thanksgiving Ever as Aquavelva
movie 2014 The Rogue as Val
movie 2014 Then There Was as Jim
movie 2013 2 Dead 2 Kill as Vin Dictive
movie 2013 Five Thirteen as Sheriff O'Connor
movie 2012 Should've Been Romeo as Mason
movie 2011 Hyenas as Gannon
movie 2010 An Affirmative Act as Matthew
movie 2010 Saw 3D as Hoffman
movie 2010 Sinners and Saints as Raymond Crowe
movie 2010 The Cursed as Jimmy Muldoon
movie 2010 Torn as Steve Clay
movie 2009 Immortally Yours as Rex
movie 2009 In the Eyes of a Killer as Congressman Donaldson
movie 2009 Saw VI as Hoffman
video movie 2009 The Fatal Five as Himself
movie 2008 Emma Blue as Del
movie 2008 Golden Goal! as Frank Lazaridis
video movie 2008 Lost Warrior: Left Behind as Frank Bisner
movie 2008 Saw V as Mark Hoffman
movie 2008 The Drum Beats Twice as Jesus
movie 2008 Toxic as Steve
movie 2007 Beowulf as Hondshew
movie 2007 Made in Brooklyn as Joey
movie 2007 Nobody as Mortemain
movie 2007 Payback as Billy
tv movie 2007 Primal Doubt as Chase Harper
movie 2007 Saw IV as Lt. Mark Hoffman
tv movie 2006 Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York as Matt McLaughlin
movie 2006 Saw III as Forensic Hoffman
video movie 2005 Dr. Chopper as Terrell
video movie 2005 Sub Zero as John Deckert
movie 2005 The Game of Their Lives as Charlie 'Gloves' Columbo
movie 2005 The Shore as Raymond
movie 2004 Dinocroc as Dick Sydney
tv movie 2004 Just Desserts as Marco Poloni
movie 2004 The Eavesdropper as Aiden Porter
movie 2002 Cover Story as Kevin Dodd
movie 2002 Hitters as Tony
tv movie 2002 Scent of Danger as Chris Milos
movie 2002 The Real Deal as Instructor
movie 2002 Turn of Faith as Bobby Giordano
tv series 2002 Flatland
movie 2001 Above & Beyond as Michael Amorosa
movie 2001 Gangland as Jared
tv movie 2001 Sanctuary as Nathan Delaney
movie 2001 The Pledge as Monash Deputy
movie 2000 Intrepid as Alan Decker
tv movie 1999 Bonanno: A Godfather's Story as Salvatore Bonanno
movie 1999 Shame, Shame, Shame as McCarthy
movie 1999 Stealth Fighter as Ryan Mitchell
movie 1998 Conversations in Limbo
movie 1998 Double Take as Hector Stroessner
tv movie 1998 Exiled as Gianni Uzielli
movie 1998 My Brother Cicero as Cicero
movie 1998 Shelter as Nikos Kostantinos
tv movie 1998 The Fury Within as Mike Hanlon
movie 1997 Just Write as Rich Adams
tv movie 1997 Love-Struck as Cupid on Earth
movie 1997 Stand-ins as Jack Turner
tv movie 1996 2nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards as Himself
movie 1996 Crosscut as Martin Niconi
tv movie 1996 Last Exit to Earth as Jaid
movie 1996 Portraits of a Killer as George G. Kendall
movie 1996 Shame, Shame, Shame as Mark
movie 1995 Delta of Venus as Lawrence Walters
tv movie 1995 Falling for You as Paul Blankenship
movie 1995 Fist of the North Star as Lord Shin
movie 1995 Venus Rising as Vegas
movie 1995 Virtuosity as John Donovan
movie 1994 Almost Dead as Dominic
movie 1993 Fatal Past as Costello
movie 1991 Mobsters as Frank Costello
movie 1991 Soapdish as Mark
tv movie 1991 The 17th Annual People's Choice Awards as Himself
movie 1991 The Doors as Italian Count
movie 1989 Triumph of the Spirit as Avram Arouch
movie Saw VIII as Mark Hoffman

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Mobsters Trailer - Directed by Michael Karbelnikoff and starring Christian Slater, Costas Mandylor, Richard Grieco, Jeremy Schoenberg, Miles Perlich. The sto...

Réalisée par Winston W. Champ. Avec Tanner Gill, Christopher Atkins, Costas Mandylor .

de Art Camacho avec Coolio, Kathleen Kinmont, Costas Mandylor, Vincent Klyn, ice-T, sasha mitchell, costas mandylor.