Coty Galloway

Coty Galloway Filmography

movie 2014 Pop Rocket as Roy, Cyphris
video movie 2014 The Lot as Alex
movie 2013 Dead Island: No Retreat as David
tv series 2013 Diary of a Crazy Ass Bitch
tv series 2013 The Messenger
video movie 2013 Donor
video movie 2013 Drug Mule
tv series 2013 Cabin Hostage
tv series 2013 Love & Hair
tv series 2013 Need to Know
tv series 2013 Shrink Wrapped
tv series 2013 Vampire Treat
tv series 2013 You Laughing at Me?
movie 2012 Mega Man X as Protoman
movie 2012 The Beguiled as Brad Stevens
movie 2012 The Black Book as Kyle
tv series 2012 Human Resource
tv series 2012 Loyal Servants
tv series 2012 Manopause
tv series 2012 My Left Hand
tv series 2012 Parole
tv series 2012 Taxi Man
video movie 2012 Eye Spy
movie 2012 Posey
movie 2011 40 Fears as Construction Worker
movie 2011 Cardboard Warfare 2 as Kenneth
movie 2011 Fractured Minds as The Trucker
movie 2011 Paradox in Noir as Criminal
movie 2011 Scarecrow at Midnight as Robert
movie 2011 What Lurks Inside as Aldrin Miller

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