Courtenay Foote

Courtenay Foote (? ? 4 May 1925) was an English actor of the silent era. He appeared in 59 films between 1910 and 1924. He was born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and he died in Italy. ... more on Wikipedia

Courtenay Foote Filmography

movie 1924 Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall as Earl of Leicester
movie 1924 Madonna of the Streets as Dr. Colbeck
movie 1924 Tess of the D'Urbervilles as Richard Crick
movie 1923 Ashes of Vengeance as Comte de la Roche
movie 1923 Little Old New York as Robert Fulton
movie 1922 Fascination as The Count de Morera
movie 1921 Passion Flower as Esteban
movie 1921 The Bronze Bell as Har Dyal Rutton
movie 1920 The Star Rover as Dr. Hugh Standing
movie 1919 His Parisian Wife as Tony Rye
movie 1919 The Two Brides as Prince Marko
movie 1918 Love's Conquest as Almerio
movie 1918 Love's Law as Andrew Hamilton
movie 1916 An International Marriage as Duke of Burritz
movie 1915 Buckshot John as Dr. Buchanan Gilmore
movie 1915 Captain Courtesy as George Granville
movie 1915 Cross Currents as Paul Beale
movie 1915 Hypocrites as Gabriel - the Ascetic
movie 1915 The Caprices of Kitty as Gerald Cameron
movie 1915 Up from the Depths as Judon Davids
movie 1914 False Colors as Bert Hughes, son of Butler and Housekeeper
movie 1914 Golden Dross as Paul - the Man
movie 1914 Home, Sweet Home as The Husband
movie 1914 The Pursuit of the Phantom as Wyant Van Zandt
movie 1914 The Quicksands
movie 1914 The Return of Cal Clauson as Cal Clauson
movie 1914 The Rose Bush of Memories as The Real Estate Agent
movie 1914 The Song of the Shore as Isenlohr
movie 1914 The Stiletto as John Hampton
movie 1914 The Stolen Code as The Foreign Diplomat
movie 1913 A Fighting Chance
movie 1913 A Window on Washington Park as The Old Man as a Youth
movie 1913 Counsellor Bobby as Old Man Holliday
movie 1913 Cutey Plays Detective as Lord Goodbluff
movie 1913 Daniel as Young Daniel
movie 1913 Father and Son: or, The Curse of the Golden Land as Wolf Salzman, a Russian Jewish Immigrant
movie 1913 He Waited as He
movie 1913 Just Show People as Le Bang, the Acrobat
movie 1913 Mr. Horatio Sparkins as Horatio Sparkins
movie 1913 Pumps as Maurice Lane
movie 1913 Sisters All as Sergius - the Russian Garment Maker
movie 1913 The Diamond Mystery as A Detective
movie 1913 The Interrupted Honeymoon as Another Friend
movie 1913 The Master Painter as Robert Gordon
movie 1913 The Stronger Sex as Ainsley's Nephew
movie 1913 The Web as Jean Zolan
movie 1913 The Whimsical Threads of Destiny as Dr. Webster, Webster's Nephew
movie 1913 The Wonderful Statue as Dick Harvey
movie 1913 Tim Grogan's Foundling as Millionaire Ligard - Pearl's Father
movie 1913 Under the Make-Up as Impressario
movie 1913 Up and Down the Ladder as Mr. Stoddard
movie 1913 When Society Calls as An Elderly Paralytic
movie 1912 A Woman as Frank Martin - the Husband
movie 1912 Captain Barnacle, Reformer as Ned - the Whites' Son
movie 1912 Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy as Mr. Edson
movie 1912 Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgers as Mr. Edson
movie 1912 So Near, Yet So Far as In Club
movie 1912 Susie to Susanne as Grace's Husband
movie 1912 The Reincarnation of Karma as Karma
movie 1912 While She Powdered Her Nose as John Thorpe
movie 1910 The Fruits of Vengeance as Pauline's Lover

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