Craig Clyde

Craig Clyde Filmography

movie 2014 The Brawler
movie 2014 Twice the Dream
movie 2013 Doorway to Heaven
movie 2013 Storm Rider
tv movie 2011 A Christmas Wish
movie 2009 One Man's Treasure
movie 2009 The Wild Stallion
movie 2007 Believe as Mitch Harris
video movie 2007 The Family Holiday
movie 2006 Propensity as Lisa's father
movie 2006 Church Ball
movie 2005 The Derby Stallion
video movie 2004 Adventures of Young Van Helsing: The Quest for the Lost Scepter
movie 2003 Dumb Luck
tv movie 2003 Miracle Dogs
movie 2003 The Book of Mormon Movie, Volume 1: The Journey
tv movie 2002 Alikes as Police officer
movie 2002 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus as Major Titanium
movie 2002 No Place Like Home
movie 2000 Castle Rock as Deputy Edwards
tv movie 2000 Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder as Carl Whiteside
movie 1999 The Long Road Home as Jim Jacobs
movie 1999 A Dog's Tale
tv movie 1997 Not in This Town as Detective Joe Summer
movie 1997 Truth or Consequences, N.M. as Patrol Officer
movie 1997 Walking Thunder
tv movie 1996 Terror in the Family as Police Officer
tv movie 1995 In the Shadow of Evil as Jack's Father
tv movie 1995 It Was Him or Us
movie 1994 Heaven Sent
movie 1993 Wind Dancer as Dr. Sloan
tv movie 1992 Deliver Them from Evil: The Taking of Alta View
tv movie 1992 In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion as Nolan Douglas
tv movie 1992 Little Heroes as Virgil Wilson
movie 1992 The Legend of Wolf Mountain
tv movie 1990 The Witching of Ben Wagner as Mr. Angelo Romano
movie 1990 Blood Games
video movie 1990 China O'Brien II
tv movie 1989 Mothers, Daughters and Lovers as Deputy
movie 1989 Tripwire as Magruder
tv movie 1988 Evil in Clear River as Harry Van Pelt
tv movie 1985 Konrad as Security Guard
movie 1984 In Search of a Golden Sky as Eddie Briggs
tv movie 1984 Scorned and Swindled as Man in Western Wear
tv movie 1983 A Killer in the Family as Prison Guard
movie 1981 Earthbound as Gold Rush man #4
tv movie 1981 The Adventures of Nellie Bly
movie 1980 Hangar 18 as Captain Wyatt
movie 1979 Beyond Death's Door
tv movie 1978 The Time Machine

Craig Clyde on Youtube

Directed by Craig Clyde. Starring Kristy Swanson, KC Clyde, Edward Herrmmann, Bart Johnson and Tess Harper.

John Lyde edited this trailer for our friends feature film that comes out later this year. It happens to star Dani Chuchran :) Written and Directed by Craig ...

Directed by Craig Clyde.

This is the raw trailer we did for "Doorway" which will be released this Christmas.