Creighton Hale

Creighton Hale (May 24, 1882 - August 9, 1965) was an Irish-born American movie actor who worked in the silent film era. ... more on Wikipedia

Creighton Hale Filmography

video movie 2004 The Subject Is Sex as Anthony Browning
movie 1963 30 Years of Fun
movie 1959 Westbound as Irritated Stagecoach Passenger
movie 1957 The Helen Morgan Story as Speakeasy Patron
movie 1957 The Spirit of St. Louis as Man Driving Car
movie 1957 The Story of Mankind as Heavenly Judge
movie 1957 Top Secret Affair as Clerk at Senate Hearing
movie 1956 Serenade as Assistant Stage Manager
movie 1956 The She-Creature as Minor Role
movie 1956 The Steel Jungle as Clerk
movie 1955 So You Want to Be a Gladiator as Nero's Confidante
movie 1955 So You Want to Be on a Jury as Juror
movie 1954 Phantom of the Rue Morgue as Concierge's Husband
movie 1954 So You Want to Know Your Relatives as Audience Spectator
movie 1953 So This Is Love as Passerby
movie 1953 So You Love Your Dog as Bartender
movie 1953 So You Want to Learn to Dance as Barber
movie 1953 Take the High Ground! as Army Doctor
movie 1953 The System as Reporter at Senate Investigation Hearing
movie 1953 Walking My Baby Back Home as Edwards
movie 1952 Because You're Mine as Eye Examiner
movie 1952 Cattle Town as Townsman on Street
movie 1952 Million Dollar Mermaid as Husband on Beach
movie 1952 Scarlet Angel as Judge Ames
movie 1952 The Girl in White as Instructor
movie 1952 Washington Story as Congressman
movie 1951 Fort Worth as Railroad Backer
movie 1951 Goodbye, My Fancy as Griswolds' Butler
movie 1951 On Moonlight Bay as Father in Silent Movie
movie 1951 So You Want to Be a Cowboy as Movie Patron
movie 1951 Starlift as Theatre Manager
movie 1951 The Enforcer as Music Store Clerk
movie 1951 The Screen Director as Theatre Manager
movie 1950 Atom Man vs. Superman as Observer [Ch. 1]
movie 1950 Backfire as Cab Driver
movie 1950 Chain Lightning as Well-Wisher
movie 1950 Montana as Rancher
movie 1950 Perfect Strangers as Reporter
movie 1950 Sunset Blvd. as Creighton Hale
movie 1950 The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady as Well-Wisher at Dressing Room Party
movie 1950 The Great Jewel Robber as Hotel Clerk
movie 1949 A Kiss in the Dark as Tenant
movie 1949 Always Leave Them Laughing as Hotel Clerk
movie 1949 Beyond the Forest as Townsman with Glasses
movie 1949 Flaxy Martin as Tenement Resident
movie 1949 Homicide as Glorietta Desk Clerk
movie 1949 John Loves Mary as Waiter
movie 1949 Night Unto Night as Auto Court Workman
movie 1949 One Last Fling as Gus, Bolton's Valet
movie 1949 So You Want to Be Popular as Waiter at Party
movie 1949 The Fountainhead as Court Clerk
movie 1949 The Girl from Jones Beach as Waiter
movie 1949 The House Across the Street as Newspaper Office Worker
movie 1949 The Story of Seabiscuit as Oscar, Spectator
movie 1949 The Younger Brothers as Hotel Clerk
movie 1949 Tulsa as Party Guest
movie 1948 April Showers as Hotel Guest
movie 1948 Embraceable You as Bus Station Ticket Clerk
movie 1948 Fighter Squadron as Cockney
movie 1948 Johnny Belinda as Bailiff
movie 1948 June Bride as Airplane Passenger
movie 1948 Smart Girls Don't Talk as Apartment House Clerk
movie 1948 So You Want an Apartment as Wallpaper Hanger
movie 1948 So You Want to Be a Gambler as Blackjack Player
movie 1948 The Big Punch as Dr. LeRoy
movie 1948 The Decision of Christopher Blake as Actor in Dream Play
movie 1948 The Woman in White as Underservant
movie 1948 Whiplash as Man Leaving Nightclub
movie 1947 Always Together as Eric, Turner's Butler
movie 1947 Cry Wolf as Dr. Reynolds
movie 1947 Hollywood Wonderland as Man Taking Tour
movie 1947 Life with Father as Mr. Wickersham - Father of Twin Boys
movie 1947 Love and Learn as Tom, the Wyngate Butler
movie 1947 Nora Prentiss as Captain of Waiters, Sea Gull Cafe
movie 1947 Possessed as Secretary at Inquest
movie 1947 So You're Going to Be a Father as Pasychiatric Ward Doctor
movie 1947 Stallion Road as Engagement Party Guest
movie 1947 That Way with Women as Briggs
movie 1947 The Perils of Pauline as Marcelled Leading Man
movie 1947 The Two Mrs. Carrolls as Second Tout
movie 1946 A Stolen Life as Attendant at Wedding Reception
movie 1946 Her Kind of Man as Backstage Man
movie 1946 Humoresque as Professor
movie 1946 Janie Gets Married as Newspaper Worker
movie 1946 Night and Day as Man in Theatre
movie 1946 So You Want to Play the Horses as Cashier
movie 1946 The Verdict as Reporter
movie 1946 Three Strangers as Man in Pub
movie 1946 Two Guys from Milwaukee as Mayor's Aide
movie 1945 Confidential Agent as Postman
movie 1945 Purity Squad as Man at Table in Montage
movie 1944 Crime by Night as Horace Grayson
movie 1944 Mr. Skeffington as Casey
movie 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain as Man with Mule
movie 1944 The Last Ride as Air Raid Warden
movie 1944 Uncertain Glory as Prison Secretary
movie 1943 Action in the North Atlantic as Sparks
movie 1943 Divide and Conquer as Bit Role
movie 1943 Thank Your Lucky Stars as Engineer
movie 1943 The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case as Dr. Carter
movie 1943 The Gorilla Man as Constable Fletcher
movie 1943 The Mysterious Doctor as Luke
movie 1943 Watch on the Rhine as Chauffeur
movie 1942 Bullet Scars as Jess, the Druggist
movie 1942 Busses Roar as The Ticket Agent
movie 1942 Casablanca as Customer
movie 1942 Escape from Crime as Durkin - Reporter
movie 1942 Gentleman Jim as Championship Fight Spectator
movie 1942 Larceny, Inc. as Mr. Carmichael
movie 1942 Murder in the Big House as Ritter - Warden's Secretary
movie 1942 Spy Ship as Reporter
movie 1942 The Big Shot as Bit Role
movie 1942 The Gay Sisters as Mourner
movie 1942 The Hidden Hand as The Coroner
movie 1942 The Male Animal as Reporter
movie 1942 The Man Who Came to Dinner as Radio Man
movie 1942 Wings for the Eagle as Jeweler
movie 1942 Winning Your Wings as Uncle Ed
movie 1942 Yankee Doodle Dandy as Telegraph Operator
movie 1942 You Can't Escape Forever as Newspaper Employee Taking Notes
movie 1941 Affectionately Yours as Hotel Manager with Key
movie 1941 Bad Men of Missouri as Bank Representative
movie 1941 Blues in the Night as Gambler at Dice Table
movie 1941 Bullets for O'Hara as Jury Foreman
movie 1941 Dive Bomber as Hospital Attendant
movie 1941 Footsteps in the Dark as Mr. Harlan
movie 1941 Here Comes Happiness as Headline Printer
movie 1941 Highway West as Waiter
movie 1941 Honeymoon for Three as Ticket Agent
movie 1941 Knockout as Second Reporter
movie 1941 Law of the Tropics as Wilson - Clerk
movie 1941 Nine Lives Are Not Enough as Mahan, Police Fingerprint Expert
movie 1941 One Foot in Heaven as Church Usher
movie 1941 Out of the Fog as Pharmacist
movie 1941 Passage from Hong Kong as Steamship Clerk
movie 1941 Sergeant York as Associated Press Man
movie 1941 Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra as Mr. Barnstorm
movie 1941 Steel Against the Sky as Jim, Powers' Clerk
movie 1941 The Body Disappears as Prof. Edwards
movie 1941 The Bride Came C.O.D. as Reporter #5
movie 1941 The Great Mr. Nobody as Man Buying Newspaper
movie 1941 The Maltese Falcon as Stenographer
movie 1941 The Smiling Ghost as Collector
movie 1941 The Strawberry Blonde as Secretary
movie 1940 A Fugitive from Justice as Reporter at Train Station
movie 1940 All This, and Heaven Too as Ship's Officer
movie 1940 Always a Bride as First Reporter
movie 1940 Brother Orchid as Reporter #3
movie 1940 Calling Philo Vance as Du Bois - Fingerprint Man
movie 1940 East of the River as Casino Floor Man
movie 1940 Father Is a Prince as Lawrence - Bower's Accountant
movie 1940 Flight Angels as San Francisco Airport Attendant
movie 1940 Gambling on the High Seas as Nelson - Gambling Loser
movie 1940 Granny Get Your Gun as Second Reporter
movie 1940 Just a Cute Kid as Desk clerk
movie 1940 King of the Lumberjacks as Cashier
movie 1940 Knute Rockne All American as Callahan's Secretary
movie 1940 Lady with Red Hair as Reporter Eddie
movie 1940 Money and the Woman as Mack, Bank Customer
movie 1940 My Love Came Back as Thompson - Music Co. Clerk
movie 1940 One Million B.C. as Shell Person
movie 1940 Pony Express Days as Legislator
movie 1940 Santa Fe Trail as Telegraph Operator
movie 1940 Saturday's Children as Stamp Collecting Mailman
movie 1940 She Couldn't Say No as Jasper - Loafer on Hotel Porch
movie 1940 Tear Gas Squad as Police Announcer
movie 1940 The Man Who Talked Too Much as Reporter #4
movie 1940 Tugboat Annie Sails Again as James - Armstrong's Chauffeur
movie 1939 A Child Is Born as Elevator Operator
movie 1939 Confessions of a Nazi Spy as Draftsman
movie 1939 Dust Be My Destiny as Nick's Second Customer
movie 1939 Everybody's Hobby as Hatfield's Reporter
movie 1939 Indianapolis Speedway as Racetrack Official
movie 1939 Kid Nightingale as Man Answering Telephone at Lessernan's Gymnasium
movie 1939 Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase as Reporter
movie 1939 Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter as Man in Sheriff's Office
movie 1939 On Dress Parade as Doctor Telling Cadets 'No Visitors'
movie 1939 On Your Toes as First Stage Manager
movie 1939 Pride of the Blue Grass as English Announcer
movie 1939 Slapsie Maxie's as Reporter
movie 1939 The Bill of Rights as New York Congressman
movie 1939 The Cowboy Quarterback as Broadcaster
movie 1939 The Return of Doctor X as Hotel Manager
movie 1939 The Roaring Twenties as Customer
movie 1939 Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1938 International Settlement as Clerk
movie 1938 Meet the Girls as Assistant Bartender
movie 1938 One Wild Night as Bank Teller
movie 1937 Big Town Girl as Desk Man
movie 1937 Charlie Chan on Broadway as Reporter
movie 1937 Find the Witness as Bell Captain
movie 1937 Midnight Taxi as G-Man
movie 1937 Step Lively, Jeeves! as Reporter
movie 1936 36 Hours to Kill as Ticket Agent
movie 1936 Custer's Last Stand as Hank
movie 1936 Custer's Last Stand as Henchman Hank
movie 1936 Hollywood Boulevard as Creighton Hale- Actor at Trocadero Bar
movie 1936 The Country Beyond as Mountie
movie 1936 The Crime of Dr. Forbes as Student Doctor
movie 1936 The Millionaire Kid as Thomas Neville
movie 1936 The Music Goes 'Round
movie 1936 Till We Meet Again as English Artillery Officer
movie 1936 Under Your Spell as Bailiff
movie 1935 Becky Sharp as British Officer
movie 1935 Death from a Distance as Witness
movie 1935 Helldorado as Newspaper Reporter
movie 1935 Life Begins at Forty as Drug Clerk
movie 1935 Men Without Names as Groom
movie 1935 Million Dollar Haul as Chief Chandler
movie 1935 Mystery Woman as Radio Operator
movie 1935 One More Spring as Undetermined Role
movie 1935 Your Uncle Dudley as Auto Salesman
movie 1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back as Wedding Guest
movie 1934 Gambling Lady as Funeral Attendee
movie 1934 George White's Scandals as Theatre Treasurer
movie 1934 The Thin Man as Reporter
movie 1934 What's Your Racket? as Chief
movie 1933 Only Yesterday
movie 1933 Sensation Hunters as Fred Barrett
movie 1933 The Masquerader as Bobby Blessington
movie 1932 Free Wheeling as Dickie's father
movie 1932 Prestige as Lieutenant at Engagement Party
movie 1932 Shop Angel as Maxie Morton
movie 1932 The Greeks Had a Word for Them as Wedding Supervisor
movie 1931 Big Ears as Wheezer's father
movie 1931 Grief Street as Ted
movie 1930 Holiday as Pete Hedges
movie 1930 School's Out as Jack Crabtree
movie 1929 Seven Footprints to Satan as James 'Jim' Kirkwell
movie 1929 The Great Divide as Edgar Blossom
movie 1928 Riley of the Rainbow Division as Riley
movie 1928 Rose-Marie as Etienne Doray
movie 1928 Sisters of Eve as Leonard Tavernake
movie 1928 The House of Shame as Harvey Baremore
movie 1927 Annie Laurie as Donald
movie 1927 One Hour Married
movie 1927 Should Men Walk Home? as The Gentleman Crook
movie 1927 The Cat and the Canary as Paul Jones
movie 1927 Thumbs Down as Richard Hale
movie 1927 Why Girls Say No as Becky's Boyfriend
movie 1926 A Poor Girl's Romance as Wellington Kingston
movie 1926 Beverly of Graustark as Prince Oscar
movie 1926 Oh, Baby! as Arthur Graham
movie 1926 Speeding Through
movie 1926 The Midnight Message as Billy Dodd
movie 1925 Exchange of Wives as Victor Moran
movie 1925 Seven Days as Jim Wilson
movie 1925 The Bridge of Sighs as Billy Craig
movie 1925 The Circle as Arnold Cheney
movie 1925 The Shadow on the Wall as George Walters
movie 1925 Time, the Comedian as Tom Cautley
movie 1925 Wages for Wives as Danny Kester
movie 1924 How to Educate a Wife as Billy Breese
movie 1924 Name the Man as Alick Gell
movie 1924 Riders Up as Johnny, aka Information Kid
movie 1924 The Marriage Circle as Dr. Gustav Mueller
movie 1924 The Mine with the Iron Door as St. Jimmy
movie 1924 This Woman as Bobby Bleedon
movie 1924 Wine of Youth as Richard (1897 prologue
movie 1923 Broken Hearts of Broadway as An Outcast
movie 1923 Mary of the Movies as The Boy
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 2 as Himself
movie 1923 Tea: With a Kick! as Art Binger
movie 1923 Three Wise Fools as Young Trumbull
movie 1923 Trilby as Little Billee
movie 1922 Fascination as Carlos de Lisa
movie 1922 Her Majesty as Ted Harper
movie 1921 Forbidden Love as Harold Van Zandt
movie 1921 Orphans of the Storm as Picard
movie 1920 A Child for Sale as Charles Stoddard
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 10 as Himself
movie 1920 The Idol Dancer as Walter Kincaid
movie 1920 Way Down East as Professor Sterling
movie 1919 A Damsel in Distress as George Bevan
movie 1919 Oh Boy! as George Budd
movie 1919 The Black Circle as Andrew MacTavish Ferguson
movie 1919 The Great Victory, Wilson or the Kaiser? The Fall of the Hohenzollerns as Conrad Le Brett
movie 1919 The Love Cheat as Henry Calvin
movie 1919 The Thirteenth Chair as Willy Grosby
movie 1918 Annexing Bill as Billy
movie 1918 For Sale as Waverly Hamilton
movie 1918 His Bonded Wife as Philip Hazard
movie 1918 Mrs. Slacker as Robert Gibbs
movie 1918 The Woman the Germans Shot as Frank Brooks
movie 1918 Waifs as Fitzjames Powers
movie 1917 The Seven Pearls as Harry Drake
movie 1916 Charity as Jimmie Fleming
movie 1916 Hazel Kirke as Pittacus Greene
movie 1916 Snow White as Prince Florimond
movie 1916 The Iron Claw as Davey
movie 1915 A Fool There Was as Minor Role
movie 1915 The New Exploits of Elaine as Walter Jameson
movie 1915 The Old Homestead as Reuben Whitcomb
movie 1915 The Romance of Elaine as Walter Jameson
movie 1914 The Exploits of Elaine as Walter Jameson
movie 1914 The Million Dollar Mystery as Gang Member
movie 1914 The Stain as Office Clerk
movie 1914 The Taint as Walter, Madame Bartlett's Son
movie 1914 The Three of Us as Clem
movie 1914 The Warning as Lester Goodrich

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