Crystal Klein

Crystal Klein (born 1981 in Austria) worked as a swimsuit and adult model. Klein is one of the few women to have been both a Playboy Playmate (Croatian Playboy, October 2004) and a Penthouse Pet of the Month (March 2005). ... more on Wikipedia

Crystal Klein Filmography

video movie 2010 The Magician's Assistant and Abducted Secretary as Henchwoman
video movie 2008 Arousing Scenes of Chloro Treachery!
video movie 2008 Don't Mess with Dangerous Diva
video movie 2008 Screen Dreams 3
video movie 2007 A Secret Revealed
video movie 2007 Bared, Bound and Tickled All Over
video movie 2007 Let's See You Get Loose Now, Honey!
video movie 2007 Pair in Peril
video movie 2007 Sinister Surprises for Hapless Heroines
video movie 2007 Spicy Naked Bondage Encounters!
video movie 2007 They Can't Make Trouble If They're Tied Up and Gagged! as Crooked Businesswoman
video movie 2007 Wrapped-Up for the Holidays!
video movie 2006 Bad Guys Tie Smart Girls!
video movie 2006 Both Women Were Bound and Gagged!
video movie 2006 Helpless Hog-Tied Prisioners as Girl Robbed at Home
video movie 2006 Naked Damsels in Distress!
video movie 2006 Sabrina's Bare-Breasted Bondage!
video movie 2006 Stripped, Silenced and Helpless!
video movie 2006 The Kidnapping of Carly Banks as Evil Wife
video movie 2006 The Plan Will Work If She's Bound and Gagged! as Flea Market Seller
video movie 2006 Trusting Girls Trussed and Gagged!
video movie 2006 Watch Out Girls: He'll Tie You Up!
video movie 2005 Abducted Executives as Woman Attacked by Drunken Colleague
video movie 2005 Bind and Gag the Topless Girls! as Girl Bound with Scarves
video movie 2005 Chloroformed Without Clothes!
video movie 2005 Chloroformed, Captured and Topless!
video movie 2005 Hostile Hogties!
video movie 2005 Innocent Girls Tied Up and Naked!
video movie 2005 Naked Bondage Temptations as Kidnapped girl
video movie 2005 Naked Girls Bound and Gagged!
video movie 2005 Please Don't Hogtie Me
video movie 2005 Tied Topless Times Ten
video movie 2004 Angry Hogtie Captives!
video movie 2004 Bound, Gagged and Bare-Skinned
video movie 2004 Good Girls Suck Toes!
video movie 2004 Hand Gagged!
video movie 2004 Nice Girls Tied Naked
video movie 2004 Pretty Girls Tape Tied and Tape Gagged!
video movie 2004 Stripped, Bound and Helpless!
video movie 2003 Ball Gagged and Barefoot as Unfaithful wife
video movie 2003 Knocked Out, Tied Up, Taken Away!
video movie 2003 Sheer Hosed Showoffs

Crystal Klein on Youtube

Crystal's won Dannigirl of the Month from! Man does Danni Ashe know how to pick beautiful models. Congrats Crystal Klein!

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