Cyd Schulte

Cyd Schulte Filmography

movie 2014 Desert Ice
movie 2014 Persecuted
movie 2013 Bicycle Day as Clairmonde
movie 2013 Pugs, Not Drugs as Mindy
movie 2013 The Banshee Chapter as Laura Henrik
movie 2013 Zombiewood as Paula
movie 2012 5 Shells as Mother
movie 2012 A Woman Scorn'd as Emil
movie 2012 The Rake as Cassandra
movie 2012 Tiger Eyes as Nurse
movie 2011 Medic 13: Rescue as Carla
video movie 2011 Voice of December: Seven as Mom
movie 2011 Unexpected Visitors
movie 2010 Die Trying as Herself
movie 2010 Pony Ride
movie 2010 Wild Horses as Kristen
movie 2009 Locked In as Dr. Tina Fleming
movie 2008 Song of Acceptance
movie 2008 The Thirst: Blood War as Sister 1
video movie 2007 Curse of La Llorona as Sonia
movie 2007 The Flock as Hot Babe
video movie 2007 The Hood Has Eyez as Kimmy

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Cyd can be seen in "The Flock," starring Richard Gere. She has worked alongside Tony Todd and Jason Connery in "The Thirst." Produced by Tom Shell. Also ... Follow us on Facebook: Official Facebook: Country: USA La...

This is a short film made for the Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Project. Starring Cyd Schulte, Mike McCabe, Andrea Kepple, and Edgar the Pug. The genre is: crime/.

As Trevor drifts through Texas on collision course with a nightmare he is still haunted by the evils of the war he recently returned from and a promise he fa...