Cynthia Harris

Cynthia Harris Filmography

movie 2007 I Do & I Don't as Emily Murphy
tv movie 2004 Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman as Amelia
tv movie 2000 An American Daughter as Charlotte 'Chubby' Hughes
movie 1999 The Reef as Adelaide
tv movie 1998 Life of the Party: The Pamela Harriman Story as Kathleen
video movie 1997 The Secret of Anastasia as Voice
tv movie 1996 Harrison: Cry of the City as Helen Lovett
movie 1992 The Distinguished Gentleman as Vera Johnson
movie 1991 Mannequin: On the Move as Mom
tv movie 1988 Pancho Barnes as Mrs. Lowe
movie 1987 3 Men and a Baby as Mrs. Hathaway
tv movie 1987 A Special Friendship as Mrs. Van Lew
movie 1987 The Women's Club as Women's Club Lady
tv movie 1985 Izzy & Moe as Dallas Carter
tv movie 1983 Allison Sydney Harrison as Clarisse Spencer
movie 1983 Reuben, Reuben as Bobby
movie 1982 Tempest as Cynthia
tv movie 1981 The Princess and the Cabbie as Barbara Cunningham
tv movie 1980 Doctor Franken as Anita Franken
tv movie 1978 Breaking Up as Edie
tv series 1978 Husbands, Wives & Lovers as Paula Zuckerman
tv movie 1973 Coffee, Tea or Me? as Dee Dee
movie 1973 I Could Never Have Sex with Any Man Who Has So Little Regard for My Husband as Laura
movie 1972 Up the Sandbox as Stella
movie 1971 Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me as Beth
tv series 1970 All My Children as Patricia Hale
movie 1968 Isadora as Mary Desti

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