Dakin Matthews

Dakin Matthews (born November 7, 1943) is an American actor with a long history of work in film, television and theater. He is also a playwright, director and theatrical scholar. ... more on Wikipedia

Dakin Matthews Filmography

movie 2014 My Eleventh
movie 2013 Zero Charisma as Greg Goran
movie 2012 Lincoln as John Usher
movie 2011 The Eagle as Claudius Marcellus
movie 2010 True Grit as Col. Stonehill
tv movie 2006 Desperate Housewives Special: All the Juicy Details as Reverend Sikes
tv movie 2006 Desperate Housewives Special: The More You Know, the Juicier It Gets as Reverend Sikes
movie 2003 The Fighting Temptations as Mr. Fairchild
tv movie 2002 The Big Time
video movie 2000 An Extremely Goofy Movie as Judge
video movie 2000 Gen 13
movie 2000 Thirteen Days as Arthur Lundahl
movie 1999 The Muse as Dr. Jacobson
tv movie 1998 Best Friends for Life as Mr. Burnham
movie 1998 The Siege as Senator Wright
movie 1998 The Swan Princess: Sing Along as King William
movie 1997 Bean as Tucker, Passenger
movie 1997 Flubber as Minister
tv movie 1997 Rough Riders as Wadsworth, Sr.
tv movie 1995 Nothing Lasts Forever
movie 1995 Stuart Saves His Family as Intervention Counselor
tv movie 1995 Virus as Dr. Dubcheck
tv movie 1994 Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills as Dean Barrow
tv movie 1994 The Enemy Within as Vice President Walter Kelly
movie 1994 The Swan Princess as King William
tv movie 1994 White Mile as Andy Thornell
tv movie 1993 And the Band Played On as Congressman Phil Burton
tv movie 1993 Hart to Hart Returns
tv movie 1993 Rio Shannon
tv movie 1993 Staying Afloat as Henry Ashley
movie 1993 The Temp as Dr. Feldman
movie 1993 Undercover Blues as Police Captain
tv movie 1992 Criminal Behavior as Albee Ferguson
tv movie 1992 For Richer, for Poorer as Larry
tv movie 1992 Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive as Attorney
tv movie 1992 Murder Without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story as Howards
tv movie 1992 Revolver as Tom McCall
tv movie 1991 ...And Then She Was Gone as Francis Haynes
movie 1991 Child's Play 3 as Colonel Cochrane
movie 1991 Eve of Destruction as Singleton
tv movie 1991 Jailbirds as Sheriff
tv movie 1991 The Perfect Tribute as Dr. Thomas
tv movie 1991 The Whereabouts of Jenny as Cox
tv movie 1991 Under Cover as Director Waugh
tv movie 1991 White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd as D.A. Buron Fitts
tv movie 1990 Blind Faith as Uncle Gene
tv movie 1990 Fine Things as Judge Aaron S. Mitofsky
movie 1990 Ghost Dad as Mr. Seymour
movie 1989 Body Wars as Mission Commander
tv movie 1989 Cross of Fire as Hiram Evans
tv movie 1989 Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North as Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese
tv movie 1989 My Brother's Wife as Charles Rusher
tv movie 1989 Naked Lie as Adam Berger
tv movie 1989 Out on the Edge as Dr. Cutler
movie 1989 The Fabulous Baker Boys as Charlie
movie 1989 Wired as Washington Post Editor
tv movie 1988 Baby M as Judge Sorkow
movie 1988 Clean and Sober as Bob
movie 1988 Funny Farm as Marion Corey Jr.
movie 1988 Permanent Record as Mr. McBain
movie 1988 Sunset as William Singer
tv movie 1988 Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami as Catlett
movie 1987 Like Father Like Son as Old Man Morrison
movie 1987 Nuts as 1st Judge

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