Dale Dye

Dale Adam Dye (born October 8, 1944) is an American actor, presenter, businessman, and retired U.S. Marine Captain who served in combat during the Vietnam War. ... more on Wikipedia

Dale Dye Filmography

movie 2014 Blue as Mr. Phelps
movie 2014 Citizen Soldiers as Lieutenant-General Courtney Hodges
tv movie 2014 Stupid Cupid Webisode as Cmdr. Hardy
movie 2013 August: Osage County as Radio Announcer
movie 2012 Return to Iwo Jima
movie 2011 Larry Crowne as Cox
movie 2011 Lt. Dan Band: For the Common Good as Himself
movie 2011 Naked Run as Harry
movie 2011 Small Town Boy, Real American Hero as Narrator
video movie 2011 The Guns of Navarone: Military Fact or Fiction as Himself
video movie 2011 The Guns of Navarone: The Greek Resistance as Himself
video movie 2011 The Guns of Navarone: The Navarone Effect as Himself
video movie 2011 The Guns of Navarone: World War 2 in the Greek Islands as Himself
video movie 2011 The Old School Wizardry of The Guns of Navarone as Himself
video movie 2011 The Real World Guns of Navarone as Himself
movie 2011 USS Franklin: Honor Restored as Narrator
movie 2010 Knight and Day as Frank Jenkins
video movie 2010 The Making of 'Last of the Mohicans' as Himself
movie 2008 Tropic Thunder
movie 2007 Music Within as Captain Ruzicka
movie 2007 Resurrecting the Champ as Erik 'The Wow Man' Kernan Sr.
video movie 2006 The Filthy Thirteen: Real Stories from Behind the Lines as Himself
video movie 2006 The Real Heroes of Stalag XVIIB as Himself
video movie 2005 Perfect Is the Enemy of Good as Himself
video movie 2005 Resurrecting 'Alexander' as Himself
tv movie 2005 The 100 Greatest War Films as Himself
movie 2005 The Great Raid as General Kreuger
movie 2005 La tigre e la neve
video movie 2004 'Saving Private Ryan': Boot Camp as Himself
movie 2004 Alexander
tv movie 2003 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out as SWAT Lieutenant
movie 2003 Missing Brendan as General Temekin
video movie 2002 Death from Above: The Making of 'Starship Troopers' as Himself
video movie 2001 A Tour of the Inferno: Revisiting 'Platoon' as Himself
movie 2001 Spy Game as Commander Wiley - Rescue Sequence
tv movie 2001 The Making of 'Band of Brothers' as Himself
tv movie 2001 Semper Fi
video movie 2000 Behind the Rules of Engagement as Himself
movie 2000 Rules of Engagement as Gen. Perry
movie 2000 Tigerland
movie 1999 A Table for One as Vernon Harpwood
tv movie 1999 Mutiny
video movie 1998 Into the Breach: 'Saving Private Ryan' as Himself
video movie 1998 Return to Normandy as Himself
movie 1998 Saving Private Ryan as War Department Colonel
movie 1998 Small Soldiers
movie 1998 The Thin Red Line
tv movie 1997 Operation Delta Force 2: Mayday as Captain Halsey Lang
tv movie 1997 Rough Riders as Col. Leonard Wood
movie 1997 Starship Troopers as General
movie 1997 Trial and Error as Dr. Stone
movie 1997 Wag the Dog
movie 1996 Mission: Impossible as Frank Barnes
movie 1996 Sgt. Bilko as First Engineer
tv movie 1996 Within the Rock as General Hurst
movie 1995 Outbreak as Colonel Briggs
movie 1995 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory as Captain Garza
movie 1994 Blue Sky as Col. Mike Anwalt
movie 1994 Endangered
movie 1994 Guarding Tess as Charles Ivy
movie 1994 Natural Born Killers as Dale Wrigley
movie 1994 The Puppet Masters as Brande
movie 1994 A Low Down Dirty Shame
movie 1994 Forrest Gump
movie 1993 Cover Story as Jack
movie 1993 Heaven & Earth as Larry
movie 1993 Sniper
video movie 1992 Dead On: Relentless II as Captain Rivers
movie 1992 Under Siege as Capt. Garza
movie 1992 The Last of the Mohicans
movie 1991 JFK as General Y
tv movie 1991 Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis as Major Green
movie 1991 Servants of Twilight as Police Officer
movie 1991 Dogfight
movie 1990 Fire Birds as A.K. McNeil
movie 1990 Kid as Garvey
movie 1990 Spontaneous Combustion as General
tv movie 1990 The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson
movie 1990 The Fourth War as Sergeant Major
movie 1990 Cadence
movie 1990 Jacob's Ladder
movie 1989 84C MoPic as Radio voice
movie 1989 Always as Don
movie 1989 Born on the Fourth of July as Infantry Colonel
movie 1989 Casualties of War as Capt. Hill
movie 1989 The Favorite as French Officer
tv movie 1989 The Neon Empire as Chief Bates
tv movie 1988 Tales from the Hollywood Hills: Closed Set as Assistant Director
tv series 1988 Supercarrier as Capt. Henry K. Hank' Madigan
movie 1988 The Beast of War
tv movie 1987 Billionaire Boys Club as Defense Attorney
movie 1986 Invaders from Mars as Squad Leader
movie 1986 Platoon as Captain Harris
movie First Platoon as Gunny McCoy
movie No Better Place to Die

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Dale Dye, an actor, director, and writer, and retired U.S. Marine, served at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in the early 1980s. Best known for working on mov.