Dallas Cairns

Dallas Cairns Filmography

movie 1928 For Valour
movie 1926 The Hound of the Deep as Mr. Bullyer
movie 1924 Fighting Snub Reilly as Sir John Selinger
movie 1924 Holloway's Treasure as Holloway
movie 1924 Rodney Fails to Qualify as Major Patmore
movie 1924 The York Mystery as Lord Arthur Skelmerdon
movie 1923 Guy Fawkes as Mounteagle
movie 1923 Sally Bishop as Mr. Durlacher
movie 1923 The Royal Oak as Pendrel
movie 1920 The Silver Bridge as Mordred Baskerville
movie 1920 Unrest as Martin Frensham
movie 1919 Comradeship as Liebmann
movie 1919 The Silver Greyhound
movie 1916 The Princess of Happy Chance as Prince Jocelyn

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