Dan Barrios

Dan Barrios Filmography

movie 2013 The Woods as CBP Agent
movie 2013 Appropriate Use of Computers
movie 2013 Can We Make a Deal?
movie 2013 Cash Box
movie 2013 Diamond Ring
movie 2013 Driving While Intoxicated
movie 2013 Foreign Animal Disease
movie 2013 Money Found Adrift
movie 2013 Paparazzi
movie 2013 Temporary Duty
movie 2013 The Trackers
movie 2013 Wake Up!
tv series 2013 U.S. Customs and Border Protection Time Capsule
movie 2012 Spectres as Commando
movie 2012 Pull Over
tv series 2012 Inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection
video movie 2011 Fair Is Fair as Fighter Pilot
movie 2010 Innocence Lost as A-10 Pilot
movie 2010 The FDA as Grill Man
movie 2009 The Boomers
tv series 2001 CBP Frontline News

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A Dan Barrios Production. Coming Soon: The independent paranormal thriller "Spectres". Starring Kevin Kingmaker, Daniel Craven, Alicia Clark, and Alex ...

This was the official Spartan Films entry into the 2010 48 Hour Film Project (Washington D.C.). Follow us on facebook: Spartan Films & Artemis Media and on t...

SUBLIME Dan Barrios - Lead Vocals/Acustic Guitar, Dan Melnick - Vocals, Tim - Electric Guitar/Vocals.

Pie Man's Cottage.