Dan Duffy

Dan Duffy is a Republican member of the Illinois Senate. He represents constituents in the 26th district including sections of Lake, McHenry and Cook counties. ... more on Wikipedia

Dan Duffy Filmography

movie 1927 He Couldn't Help It
movie 1927 Many a Slip
movie 1922 Received Payment as Starr
movie 1921 A Divorce of Convenience as Mr. Hart
movie 1919 A Beach Nut
movie 1917 Eternal Love as M. Blanc
movie 1917 Hazards and Home Runs as I.M.A. Bugg, Baseball Fan
movie 1917 John Tom Little Bear
movie 1917 Kicked Out
movie 1917 Law and Order
movie 1917 The Atavism of Tom
movie 1917 The Last of the Troubadours
movie 1917 The Lonesome Road
movie 1916 A Shadowed Shadow
movie 1916 Borrowed Plumes as Tom
movie 1916 Circumstantial Guilt
movie 1916 He Almost Lands an Angel as Tom
movie 1916 His Golden Hour
movie 1916 I'll Get Her Yet as Terence Tightwad - the Father
movie 1915 Bill's Plumber and Plumber's Bill as Casey - Slim's Helper
movie 1914 The Sage-Brush Gal as Bud Peters - the Sheriff

Dan Duffy on Youtube

Dan Duffy and Ethan Duffy are conjoined twins who are two extremely different people, but they have a bond that very few of us get to experience in life. It'...