Dan Purdey

Dan Purdey Filmography

movie 2013 The Joe Manifesto as Ted
movie 2011 Last Carriage on the North Union Express as The Marshall
movie 2011 Wasted as Coach
movie 2010 Hombres hablando as Jackson
movie 2010 Ice as Dan
movie 2009 In Her Skin as Missing Persons Cop
movie 2009 The Fourth Pillar as The Assisant Headmaster
movie 2008 A Very Merry Christmas as Robert
movie 2008 Buses and Trains as Bussiness Man
movie 2008 Good, the Bad, the Double Parked. as Parking Attendant
movie 2007 Alona White Wash as John
movie 2007 Little Pieces as Sean
tv movie 2007 The King as Executive 5
video movie 2006 The Secret as Father To Be
tv movie 2005 Hercules as Captain of the Guard
movie 2005 The Devil You Meet as Young Trucker

Dan Purdey on Youtube

My Latest Acting Show Reel. Includes a New Scene from City Homicide and a clip from a Western Short Film. Enjoy! and thanks for watching!

Feature Film. 100 minutes. Directed by Gregory Pakis. Screenplay by Gregory Pakis. Produced by Julian Vincent Costanzo Starring : Gregory Pakis, Chloe ...

Shackle is the story of a man locked up for the night in the local 'drunk tank' with a few pressing things he needs to get off his chest. It charts his proce...

Newest show reel, some new stuff, some oldish... Clips are from these phenomenal film makers; Alona Whitewash - Mark Inducil Hercules - Roger Young 008 ...