Dan Seymour

Dan Seymour (February 22, 1915 ? May 25, 1993) was a character actor who frequently played villains in Warner Bros. films. He appeared in several Humphrey Bogart films, including Casablanca, Key Largo, and To Have and Have Not. ... more on Wikipedia

Dan Seymour Filmography

tv movie 1996 Bogart: The Untold Story as Actor in 'Key Largo'
video movie 1992 You Must Remember This: A Tribute to 'Casablanca' as Himself - Actor
movie 1979 The Horror Show
movie 1975 Escape to Witch Mountain as Psychic
movie 1975 The Manhandlers as Vito
movie 1974 The Centerfold Girls as Proprietor
movie 1973 The Way We Were as Guest
movie 1972 The Unholy Rollers as Used Car Dealer
movie 1959 Return of the Fly as Max Barthold
movie 1959 Watusi as Mohamet
movie 1957 The Buster Keaton Story as Indian Chief
movie 1957 The Sad Sack as Arab Chieftain
movie 1957 Undersea Girl as Police Lt. Mike Travis
movie 1956 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt as Greco
movie 1955 Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy as Josef
movie 1955 Moonfleet as Hull
tv series 1955 Casablanca as Ferrari
movie 1954 Human Desire as Duggan - Bartender
movie 1953 Second Chance as Felipe
movie 1953 Tangier Incident as Police Inspector Rabat
movie 1953 The Big Heat as Mr. Atkins
movie 1953 The System as Mr. Marty
movie 1952 Face to Face as Drummer
movie 1952 Glory Alley as Sal Nichols
movie 1952 Mara Maru as Lt. Zuenon
movie 1952 Rancho Notorious as Comanche Paul
movie 1951 Sirocco as Wealthy Syrian
movie 1951 The Blue Veil as Pelt
movie 1950 Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion as Josef
movie 1950 Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle as Charlie Crawford
movie 1950 Young Man with a Horn as Mike
movie 1949 Reign of Terror as Innkeeper
movie 1949 Trail of the Yukon as Tom Laroux
movie 1948 Highway 13 as Kelleher
movie 1948 Johnny Belinda as Pacquet - Storekeeper
movie 1948 Key Largo as Angel Garcia
movie 1947 Hard Boiled Mahoney as Dr. Armand
movie 1947 Intrigue as Karidian
movie 1947 Philo Vance's Gamble as Jeffrey Connor
movie 1947 Slave Girl as Telek, Tuareg Chieftain
movie 1946 A Night in Casablanca as Prefect of Police
movie 1946 Cloak and Dagger as Marsoli
movie 1946 The Searching Wind as Torrone
movie 1945 Confidential Agent as Mr. Muckerji
movie 1945 Guest Wife as Turkish customer
movie 1945 It's in the Bag! as Fatso
movie 1945 San Antonio as Laredo Border Guard
movie 1945 The Spanish Main as Jailer
movie 1944 Brazil as King of the Carnival
movie 1944 Crazy Like a Fox as East Indian Potentate
movie 1944 Kismet as Fat Turk at the Cafe
movie 1944 Rainbow Island as Fat Native Man
movie 1944 To Have and Have Not as Capt. M. Renard
movie 1943 Hit the Ice as Resort Chef
movie 1943 Klondike Kate as Piano Player Harry
movie 1943 Rhythm of the Islands as Native Guard
movie 1943 Tahiti Honey as Fats
movie 1943 Tiger Fangs as Henry Gratz
movie 1942 Bombs Over Burma as Pete Brogranza
movie 1942 Cairo as Fat Doorman in Cairo Theatre
movie 1942 Casablanca as Abdul
movie 1942 Mug Town as Chef
movie 1942 Road to Morocco as Slave-Buyer
movie 1942 The Talk of the Town as Headwaiter at Nightclub

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Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Marie Windsor, Michael Ansara, Dan Seymour, Kurt Katch, Richard Deacon, and Mel Welles. Directed by Charles Lamont.


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