Daniel Noel

Daniel Noel Filmography

movie 2013 Anatomy of the Tide as Ardis Jenkins
movie 2013 Belle as Peter
movie 2013 Dead End Street as Special Appearance
movie 2013 Red Noise as Leyun
movie 2013 The Hanover House as Jim Foster
movie 2013 Adjust Your Tracking
movie 2013 Natal
movie 2012 Seven Minutes as The Gray Man
movie 2012 Special Delivery as Walt
movie 2012 Vigilance as Wallace Ricks
movie 2011 Affliction as Mystic Marty
movie 2011 Just Dating as Daniel
movie 2011 Requital as Clarence Edwards
movie 2011 Telephoto as Cat N Hat
movie 2011 The Barn as Skip
movie 2010 Inn Season as Dylan Chaucer
movie 2007 As We Were as Mr. Peru
movie 2002 Alias: The Lost Episode as Embassy Doorman
movie 2001 Blue Hill Avenue
movie 1999 Pennyweight as Cop

Daniel Noel on Youtube

A slide show of imagery related to the life and times of my friend, Daniel Noel.


For More Info on the Premiere Visit: facebook.com/events/1411274829128786/ Synopsis: Returning from his father's funeral, Robert Foster is faced with the uni...