Darwin Karr

Darwin Karr Filmography

movie 1922 The Sin Flood as Charlie
movie 1920 Suds as The Archduke
movie 1918 The Unbeliever as Lefty
movie 1916 Britton of the Seventh as Lt. Tony Britton, age 30
movie 1916 Folly as John Gresham - a Financier from the West
movie 1916 Fool's Gold as Ralph Rowe
movie 1916 Her Naked Soul as Marvin Dexter
movie 1916 Joyce's Strategy as Joyce's Father
movie 1916 Millstones as District Attorney Robert Carstairs
movie 1916 The Condemnation as John Stewart
movie 1916 The Despoiler as Ben Cameron - Bruce's Father
movie 1916 The Little Girl Next Door
movie 1916 The Prisoner at the Bar as John Allen - a Fisherman
movie 1916 The Way of Patience as Emerson Leonard
movie 1915 A Bit of Lace as Bruce Carton
movie 1915 A Mansion of Tragedy as Richard Baldwin
movie 1915 Breaking In
movie 1915 From the Dregs as Lt. Curren
movie 1915 Hearts and Roses as Dr. Norton
movie 1915 Hearts and the Highway as Sir Harry Richmond
movie 1915 His Bunkie
movie 1915 Lifting the Ban of Coventry as Worth Stuyvesant
movie 1915 Peggy of Fifth Avenue as Count Bergeroff
movie 1915 The Call of the Sea as Frank Wallace
movie 1915 The Guttersnipe as Victor Van Nuys - Peter's Son
movie 1915 The Lighthouse by the Sea as Captain Jack Collins
movie 1915 The Losing Game as Henry Philips
movie 1915 The Village Homestead as Jim Canby
movie 1915 West Wind as Captain Kennard
movie 1914 A Study in Feet
movie 1914 An Officer and a Gentleman as Sgt. Smeadley
movie 1914 Her Husband as Tom Harcourt - the First Husband
movie 1914 His Unknown Girl
movie 1914 Kill or Cure as 'Stingem' Charley
movie 1914 Mr. Barnes of New York as Gerald Anstruther
movie 1914 On the Stroke of Five as Guy Lansing Reynolds
movie 1914 Private Dennis Hogan as Private Dennis Hogan
movie 1914 The Ageless Sex
movie 1914 The Idler as Mr. Upton
movie 1914 The Mischief Maker as Billy
movie 1914 The Rose and the Thorn as Richard Manning
movie 1914 The Silver Snuff Box as Milburn - the Detective
movie 1914 The Spirit and the Clay as Paul
movie 1914 The Tangle as Lt. Jack Bradley
movie 1914 The Wrong Flat
movie 1913 A Child's Intuition as Albert Wade - the Father
movie 1913 A Drop of Blood as The Falsely Accused Farmer
movie 1913 A Million Dollars as Jim Fuller
movie 1913 A Prisoner in the Harem as The Rajah
movie 1913 As the Bell Rings as The Minister
movie 1913 As Ye Sow
movie 1913 Beasts of the Jungle as Winnie's Father
movie 1913 Betty in the Lions' Den as Tom
movie 1913 Blood and Water as The Father
movie 1913 Burstup Holmes' Murder Case as Reggie Jellybone
movie 1913 Four Fools and a Maid
movie 1913 Gratitude as The Gambler
movie 1913 Her Mother's Picture as Joseph Bleeker - the Father
movie 1913 Invisible Ink as Billy - Ruth's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Love's Sunset as Harold Heath
movie 1913 Mother and Daughter as The Lover
movie 1913 Retribution as The Detective
movie 1913 The Climax as The Husband
movie 1913 The Coming of Sunbeam as Major Neal
movie 1913 The Fight for Millions as Darwin Russell
movie 1913 The Heavenly Widow as Jack - Billy's Rival
movie 1913 The Hopes of Belinda as Mr. Jones
movie 1913 The Intruder as Bob - the Woodsman
movie 1913 The Lady Doctor
movie 1913 The Lame Man
movie 1913 The Man in the Sick Room as Dr. Richard Blakely
movie 1913 The Man Who Failed as Winters - the Rich Husband
movie 1913 The Past Forgiven as The Ranch Foreman
movie 1913 The Pit and the Pendulum as Alonzo
movie 1913 The Roads That Lead Home as Hurley
movie 1913 The Scheming Woman as Carton
movie 1913 The Soul of Man as The Reformed Crook
movie 1913 Till the Day Breaks as Dr. Williams
movie 1913 True Hearts as Jack
movie 1913 Where Love Dwells as Barry Lee
movie 1912 A Comedy of Errors as Mr. Greeneyes
movie 1912 A Terrible Lesson as Frank Chance
movie 1912 All for a Girl as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1912 At the Phone as Mr. Dean
movie 1912 Auto Suggestion as Tom - Billy's Rival
movie 1912 Between Two Fires as Henry Harrison - a Blackguard
movie 1912 Billy's Shoes as The Hotel Proprietor
movie 1912 Billy, the Detective
movie 1912 Broken Oaths as Sergeant Karr
movie 1912 Canned Harmony as Dick - Billy's Friend
movie 1912 Child of the Tenements as Dr. Mann
movie 1912 Dublin Dan as John Forsythe - a Criminal
movie 1912 Falling Leaves as Mr. Griswold Thompson
movie 1912 Father and the Boys as The Eldest Son
movie 1912 Fra Diavolo as Captain Lorenzo
movie 1912 Hearts Unknown as George Kenyon
movie 1912 In the Year 2000
movie 1912 Indian Summer as Young Courtley - the Son
movie 1912 Lend Me Your Wife as Billy's Chum
movie 1912 Love's Railroad as The Husband
movie 1912 Micky's Pal as Micky
movie 1912 Mignon as Guglielnio
movie 1912 Mrs. Cranston's Jewels as Mr. John Cranston
movie 1912 Phantom Paradise as The Mad Inventor's Daughter's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Saved by a Cat as Detective Burns
movie 1912 Souls in the Shadow as Will Mortimer - a Shadow
movie 1912 The Animated Bathtub
movie 1912 The Boarding House Heiress as Tom Dear
movie 1912 The Call of the Rose as Robert Moore - a Western Miner
movie 1912 The Detective's Dog as James Harper - Secret Service Detective
movie 1912 The Equine Spy as Herbert Carter - the Confederate Officer
movie 1912 The Face at the Window
movie 1912 The Finger Prints
movie 1912 The Fugitive as The Stranger
movie 1912 The Glory of Light
movie 1912 The Idol Worshipper as Tom Harland
movie 1912 The Kodak Contest as The Husband
movie 1912 The Love of the Flag as The Draftsman
movie 1912 The Old Love and the New
movie 1912 The Prodigal Wife as James Clements
movie 1912 The Raffle as Hart - the Husband
movie 1912 The Reformation of Mary as Harding - President of the Bank
movie 1912 The Sewer as John Stanhope
movie 1912 The Woman Behind the Man as Mr. Frugal
movie 1912 The Wooing of Alice as Geoffrey Hall - a Gentleman
movie 1911 A Modern Cinderella as A Modern Prince Charming
movie 1911 Eugene Wrayburn as Eugene Wrayburn
movie 1911 Hands Across the Sea in '76
movie 1911 That Winsome Winnie Smile as Winnie's Sweetheart
movie 1911 The Ghost's Warning as The Young Artist
movie 1911 The Girl and the Motor Boat as A Young Inventor
movie 1911 The Story of the Indian Ledge as A Tourist
movie 1911 Willie Wise and His Motor Boat as Willie's Rival