Dave Foley

David Scott "Dave" Foley (born January 4, 1963) is a Canadian comic actor, writer, director and producer best known for his work in The Kids in the Hall, NewsRadio, and Celebrity Poker Showdown. He also frequently appears on The Late Late Show on CBS. ... more on Wikipedia

Dave Foley Filmography

movie 2014 Live Nude Girls as Harry
movie 2014 Party Central as Terry
tv movie 2013 Call Me Crazy: A Five Film as Danny
tv movie 2013 Dave Foley: Relatively Well as Himself
movie 2013 Monsters University as Terry
movie 2013 Quality Balls as Himself
tv movie 2012 Be Forever Now as Despondent Dad
movie 2012 Blow Me as Dave Foley
movie 2012 Freeloaders as Himself
movie 2012 Last Call as Mr. Nunley
movie 2012 Sexy Daddy
movie 2012 The Immigrant as Tim Terry
movie 2011 6 Month Rule as Charles
movie 2011 Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements as Himself
movie 2011 Life with Dad as Dad
movie 2011 Monster Brawl as Buzz Chambers
tv movie 2011 Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice as Wayne
movie 2011 Servitude as Godfrey
movie 2010 A Night of 140 Tweets: A Celebrity Tweet-A-Thon for Haiti as Himself
tv movie 2010 Down to the Crossroads or How to Make a Movie 'Suck' as Himself
tv movie 2010 Global Comedians as Himself
tv movie 2010 Making a Scene as The Director
tv movie 2010 Prep & Landing Stocking Stuffer: Operation: Secret Santa as Wayne
tv movie 2010 The 11th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards as Himself - Host
video movie 2010 THe Kids in the Hall: An Oral History - Season 1 as Himself
movie 2010 Vampires Suck as Principal Smith
movie 2009 Butterflies as Himself
tv movie 2009 Prep & Landing as Wayne
movie 2009 Suck as Jeff
tv movie 2009 The 10th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards as Himself
movie 2009 The Strip as Glenn
tv movie 2008 2008 Much Music Video Music Awards as Himself
movie 2008 Buddy 'n' Andy as Mr. Davidsonton
movie 2008 Carfuckers as Henry Ford
movie 2008 Coopers' Camera as Bill Davidson
movie 2008 Dave Foley & Fans as Himself
tv movie 2008 ETalk Festival Party as Himself
tv movie 2008 The 9th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards as Himself - Presenter
movie 2008 The Temerity of Zim as Narrator
tv movie 2007 Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary as Himself
movie 2007 LA Blues as Neil Schwartz
movie 2007 Netherbeast Incorporated as Henry Welby
movie 2007 Out of Omaha as Stu Gainor
movie 2007 Paradise as John
movie 2007 Postal as Uncle Dave
tv series 2007 Slacker Cats as Cult cat
movie 2006 Cars as Flik Car
tv movie 2006 The Buck Calder Experience as Himself
tv movie 2005 100 Greatest Cartoons as Himself
tv movie 2005 Comedy Gold as Himself
tv movie 2005 Great Things About the Holidays as Himself
movie 2005 Sky High as Mr. Boy
tv movie 2005 Testing Bob as Andy Savage
tv series 2005 The Hollow Men
movie 2004 Childstar as Philip Templeman
movie 2004 Employee of the Month as Eric
movie 2004 Ham & Cheese as Tom Brennemen
movie 2004 Intern Academy as Dr. Denton Whiteside
tv movie 2004 Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story as Mr. Warrick
tv movie 2003 6th Annual Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Awards as Himself - Host
tv movie 2003 Comedy Central Presents: The Commies as Himself - Presenter
movie 2003 Grind as Tour Manager
movie 2003 My Boss's Daughter as Henderson
tv movie 2003 Uncensored Comedy: That's Not Funny!
tv series 2003 I Love the '70s as Himself
movie 2002 $windle as Michael Barnes
movie 2002 Fancy Dancing as Nat Porter
video movie 2002 Kids in the Hall: Tour of Duty as Various
movie 2002 Run Ronnie Run as Network Executive #1
movie 2002 Stark Raving Mad as Roy
tv movie 2002 The True Meaning of Christmas Specials as Himself
movie 2001 Kids in the Hall: Same Guys, New Dresses as Himself
movie 2001 Love & Support as Himself
movie 2001 Monkeybone as Herb
movie 2001 On the Line as Higgins
movie 2001 The Frank Truth as Himself - Actor
tv movie 2001 What's Up, Peter Fuddy? as Peter Fuddy
video movie 2001 Wild Desk Ride as Himself
tv series 2001 Committed
tv series 2001 Sketch Pad as Kids in the Hall
movie 2000 CyberWorld as Hank the Technician
video movie 2000 Film-Fest DVD: Issue 4 - Hawaii as Himself
tv movie 2000 The 2000 Canadian Comedy Awards as Himself
movie 1999 Blast from the Past as Troy
movie 1999 Dick as Bob Haldeman
movie 1999 South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut as The Baldwin Brothers
video movie 1999 The Making of 'Dick' as Himself
movie 1999 Toy Story 2 as Flik the Ant
movie 1998 A Bug's Life as Flik
movie 1998 It's Tough to Be a Bug as Flik
tv movie 1998 The 50th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards as Himself - Audience Member
movie 1997 Hacks as Neal
movie 1997 The Wrong Guy as Nelson Hibbert
movie 1996 Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy as Marv
movie 1994 It's Pat as Chris
tv movie 1992 Toonces, the Cat Who Could Drive a Car as John Wilkes Booth
tv series 1990 Higgins Boys and Gruber as Himself
movie 1987 3 Men and a Baby as Grocery Store Clerk
tv movie 1987 Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel as Lewis Allen
tv movie 1987 Echoes in the Darkness as Witness
movie 1986 High Stakes as Bo Baker

Dave Foley on Youtube

Dave Foley of "The Kids in the Hall" discusses the costs of child support - Canada style!

Dave Foley on gays. A clip from his show 'Relatively Well'

A misfit ant, looking for "warriors" to save his colony from greedy grasshoppers, recruits a group of bugs that turn out to be an inept circus troupe.

Dave Foley wants to LIVE on the Mike MacDonald benefit show at the Laugh Factory Comedy Club in Hollywood, CA. Want to see more Stand Up Comedy?