David Bowles

David Bowles Filmography

movie 2014 Kill the Writer as Lindstrom
movie 2010 Angry
movie 2009 Bibendum as Macky
movie 2008 Blackout as Farmer
movie 2008 Dali: The 4th Dimension
movie 2007 Web of Deceit as Father Anthony
tv series 2007 From Aristotle to Hawking as Socrates
video movie 2006 Alexander the Great as Caiaphas - High Priest
tv movie 2006 Missing as Vicar
movie 2005 Bored of the Rings: The Trilogy as Elron - King of Elves
movie 2004 Lighthouse Hill as Mac
movie 2004 Olympiad 448 BC: Olympiad of Ancient Hellas as Kimon
movie 2004 The Gathering as Ray Heller
movie 2002 Baby Blues as Rev. Bill Harrison
movie 2001 Kingdom as Vort
movie 2000 Orpheus & Eurydice as Alcaeus
movie 1998 Major League: Back to the Minors as Joe
tv series 1992 Witchcraft as Guard
video movie 1991 Lethal Impact as Harry
movie 1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as Morgar
movie 1986 Ninja the Protector as Lead Villain Bruce
movie Axa as Axelan
movie War on Earth as Grid

David Bowles on Youtube

Mortal Kombat 10's trailer has officially been released!

a small flick of DAVID's set at the HAVANA CLUB TOUR DE BAR in JIHLAVA June 14th 2008.

RecChat with David Bowles - 11.13.13.

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