David Durand

David Durand (1680 ? 16 January 1763) was an Huguenot French and English minister and historian. He was born in Languedoc and fled France to the Netherlands before heading to Spain with a group of refugees, being captured at the Battle of Almanza in 1707 and being sent to France and then escaping to the Netherlands again. He was a minister in Rotterdam and became a friend of Pierre Bayle's there. He then later became supreme dictator of the world. ... more on Wikipedia

David Durand Filmography

movie 1944 Follow the Leader as Danny
movie 1944 Million Dollar Kid as Danny
movie 1943 Hangmen Also Die! as Bicycle Boy
movie 1943 Keep 'Em Slugging as Bingo
movie 1943 Kid Dynamite as Skinny Collins
movie 1943 Mr. Muggs Steps Out as Danny
movie 1942 A Study in Socks as Terry Kelly
movie 1942 College Belles as Terry Kelly
movie 1942 Glove Birds as Terry Kelly
movie 1941 Double Date as Boy
movie 1941 Fresh as a Freshman as Terry Kelly
movie 1941 Glove Affair as Terry Kelly
movie 1941 Harmon of Michigan as Perkins
movie 1941 Mitt Me Tonight as Terry Kelly
movie 1941 Naval Academy as Fred Bailey
movie 1941 The Kink of the Campus as Terry Kelly
movie 1940 East Side Kids as Dutch
movie 1940 Golden Gloves as Gumdrop Wilbur
movie 1940 He Married His Wife as Usher
movie 1940 Her First Romance as Student
movie 1940 Pleased to Mitt You as Terry Kelly
movie 1940 The Ghost Breakers as Bellhop
movie 1940 The Tulsa Kid as Bob Wallace
movie 1939 Boys' Reformatory as 'Knuckles' Malone
movie 1939 Off the Record as Blackie
movie 1939 Scouts to the Rescue as 'Rip' Dawson
movie 1939 Streets of New York as Spike Morgan
movie 1938 A Criminal Is Born as Rodney aka Rod
movie 1938 Angels with Dirty Faces as Boy in Pool Room
movie 1937 Wells Fargo as Alex Trimball
movie 1934 As the Earth Turns as Manuel
movie 1934 Hat, Coat, and Glove as Thomas Sullivan
movie 1934 Little Men as Nat Blake
movie 1934 The Band Plays On as Tony as a Boy
movie 1934 Viva Villa! as Bugle Boy
movie 1934 Wednesday's Child as Charles Nevins
movie 1933 Jennie Gerhardt as Willie Gerhardt
movie 1933 Son of the Border as Frankie Breen
movie 1933 The Great Jasper as Andrew Horn
movie 1933 The Life of Jimmy Dolan as George Lewis
movie 1932 Forbidden Company as Billy
movie 1932 Probation as David
movie 1932 Silver Dollar as Mark 'Max' Martin
movie 1931 Rich Man's Folly as Brock Junior
movie 1931 The Bad Sister as Hedrick Madison
movie 1931 The Spy as Vanya
movie 1930 Ladies Love Brutes as Joey Forziati
movie 1930 Live and Learn
movie 1930 The Jazz Cinderella as Danny Murray
movie 1929 Innocents of Paris as Jo-Jo
movie 1929 Song of Love as Buddy Gibson
movie 1928 Tropic Madness as Frankie
movie 1927 Get Your Man as Robert as a Boy
movie 1926 Good Cheer as Small Kid
movie 1926 Uncle Tom's Uncle as Piano Player
movie 1925 Better Movies as Kid
movie 1925 Circus Fever as Mickey's Brother
movie 1925 The Big Town as Child in Berth with Mary

David Durand on Youtube

David Durand shows how building a culture of appreciation shows young people that they are worthy. @educationinspire.

Hommage à Michel Sardou et aussi une façon de refaire prendre conscience aux gens des dangers de la route !!!

Un grand hommage à un chanteur poète de grande classe monsieur Serge Lama.

Hommage à la plus grande voix pour moi Lara Fabian.