David Firth

David Firth (born 23 January 1983 in Doncaster, England) is an English animator. His most popular work is featured prominently on Newgrounds, and a number of specially commissioned short animations have been shown on British television. Notable animations from David Firth are Men from Up the Stairs, the Salad Fingers series, Health Reminder and Pulch: The Good Times. Many of his works have high acclaim on Newgrounds.com. ... more on Wikipedia

David Firth Filmography

movie 2012 A-Z of Fat-Pie: 114 Animations in 14 Minutes
movie 2012 Sock 5: Three Skins Without Men
movie 2011 Take This Pill (Health Reminder: Lesson 2)
tv series 2010 Not Stanley
tv series 2010 Drillbithead
movie 2009 Big Celebrity Fame Zeppelin
movie 2009 Musical Predictions 2009 as Reece Undercut
movie 2008 Crooked Rot
movie 2008 Dog of Man
movie 2008 Music Mouth
movie 2008 Time
video movie 2007 From Yorkshire 2 New York as Cameraman
movie 2007 Health Reminder
movie 2007 I'd Like to Be
movie 2007 Sock 4: Socklops
movie 2006 Christmas: A Short Festive Tale
movie 2006 Men from Upstairs
movie 2006 Pulch: The Good Times
movie 2006 The Latest Model
movie 2006 Twinkletits
movie 2005 A Black and White Cartoon About Berries
movie 2005 A Black and White Cartoon About Roof Tiling
movie 2005 Sock 1: Lice Pictures
movie 2005 Sock 2: Ptikobj
movie 2005 Sock 3: 10 Different Types of Soup
movie 2005 The Child That Smelt Funny
movie 2005 Valentine's Day Special
tv series 2005 Jerry Jackson
movie 2004 Alan
movie 2004 Milkman
movie 2004 Scribbler
movie 2004 Video Tape Dating
tv series 2004 Panathinaikos Bear
tv series 2004 Spoilsbury Toast Boy as Various voices
tv series 2004 Burnt Face Man

David Firth on Youtube

http://www.fat-pie.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/Doki66 https://twitter.com/david_firth.

Sock Five: Three Skins Without Men. Two young children are controlled by a living severed head whilst three men are living without skin and three skins are h...

Burnt Face Man's big Movie Trailer. From 2004. Answers: No there isn't a Burnt Face Man movie, no it wouldn't be good idea to make one.

Bing joins David Firth in an abandoned nursing home to talk inspiration and animation. Watch the previous episode with Lee Hardcastle: http://bit.ly/12pxRH5 ...