David Haig

David Haig (born 20 September 1955 in Aldershot in Hampshire) is an Olivier Award-winning English actor and FIPA Award-winning writer. He is known for his versatility, having been successfully cast in dramatic, serio-comic and comedic roles, playing characters of varied social classes. He has appeared in top roles in stage productions all over the West End and has done numerous TV and film roles over the past 20 years. ... more on Wikipedia

David Haig Filmography

tv movie 2013 Yes, Prime Minister: Re-elected as Himself
movie 2011 The Half-Light as Man
tv movie 2010 Mo as Jon Norton
tv movie 2008 Dickens Secret Lover as Charles Dickens
tv movie 2008 Dustbin Baby as Elliot
tv movie 2008 The 39 Steps as Sir George Sinclair
video movie 2007 Being Nice to Each Other: Making 'The Keeper of Traken' as Pangol
movie 2007 Church Going as Priest
tv movie 2007 Comic Relief 2007: The Big One as Kate's Dad
tv movie 2007 My Boy Jack as Rudyard Kipling
tv movie 2006 A for Andromeda as General Vandenberg
video movie 2004 A New Beginning as Pangol
tv movie 2002 Crime and Punishment as Luzhin
movie 2002 Rachel's Attic as Adam - DVD version
movie 2002 Two Weeks Notice as Howard Wade
tv movie 2001 Ivor the Invisible as Park Keeper
tv movie 2001 Station Jim as Riorden Jnr
video movie 1999 The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Tales of Innocence as Colonel Bonnet
tv series 1998 Talking Heads 2 as Wilfred Paterson
tv movie 1996 Never Mind the Horrocks as Various Roles
movie 1995 The Four Corners of Nowhere as Nick
movie 1994 Four Weddings and a Funeral as Bernard the Groom - Wedding Two
tv movie 1986 Cold War Killers as Colin Jenkins
tv movie 1986 The Alamut Ambush as Colin Jenkins
movie 1985 Morons from Outer Space as Palatial House Flunkey
movie 1984 Dark Enemy as Ash

David Haig on Youtube

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